Clairvoyance Reality Show ‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry’ Arrives On Netflix This March

Clairvoyance Reality Show ‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry’ Arrives On Netflix This March

Pauline Nicole Sael
March 06 2022 - 10:21pm
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Clairvoyant medium Tyler Henry travels across the country to help people close cycles with their deceased loved ones and offers clarity and closure from the beyond while searching through his own family’s past in an intimate reality series ‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry’.

‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry’ Release Date

'Life After Death with Tyler Henry,' a nine-episode documentary series, will launch on March 11, 2022.

‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry’ Trailer

You can have a glimpse of how ‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry’ goes through. It demonstrates Henry's methods and provides an intriguing glimpse into what happens once someone transitions. He demonstrates that there is so much more than meets the eye. Even if you don't get the chance to meet Henry, seeing this show will make you feel so much better.

Life After Death with Tyler Henry | Official Trailer | Netflix

Getting To KNow More About Tyler Henry

Henry, now 26, found his talent when he was just ten years old. He's a celebrity go-to, and you'll be surprised at who he interacts with. He's now on the road across the United States, giving readings to a select group of people on his waiting list. He is accompanied by his assistant, mother, and boyfriend, and the viewer is given an inside look into his life behind the scenes.

He tries to assist his mother heal from a traumatic upbringing and a murder that shocked the entire family while he helps others. We observe as he tries to make sense of his own position; because he is so near to it, he sometimes struggles to get the information he needs. The audience may see how his work affects him emotionally and physically, and how it affects him.

More individuals than ever may connect to the loss of a loved one after years of attempting to survive a pandemic. Death has such a permanent quality to it, a calm and quiet that is unsettling. Observing Henry at work provides a fresh perspective on life and death, as well as a greater respect for our time here.

Henry has written two books: ‘Here & Hereafter’ and ‘Between Two Worlds’ which he will be promoting on his criss-crossing tour in the U.S.

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‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry’ Synopsis

Tyler Henry is a well-known medium who has a waiting list of almost 300,000 individuals. Tyler travels throughout the country after years of being Hollywood's go-to medium, giving readings to as many people on his waiting list as he can, providing them the hope, healing, and closure they need.

This transformative and heartbreaking series will provide proof that there is more to this world than what we see and that our loved ones never truly leave us to the people he reads.

Throughout the season, we witness the power of Tyler's readings, learn what it's like to live with such a talent, and follow Tyler on his personal quest to solve a family mystery and uncover his true origins.

‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry’ Showrunners

‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry’ Season 1 executive producers are Stephanie Noonan Drachkovitch, Larissa Matsson, David Hale, Michael Corbett, Larry Stern. 44 Blue Productions, Corbett/Stern Productions are producing the shows.

Are you looking forward to the coming of the clairvoyance reality series ‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry’ Season 1 on March 11 on Netflix? Drop your comments below.

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