Character Analysis According To Your Blood Type: Ketsuekigata!


Japanese people worked hard and long to analyze personality figure out love compatibility according to one's blood type. Actually, these observations have become so popular among people that they have started to ask each other about their blood type rather than zodiac signs. What is more, many self-help books about  'personality by blood type' have been published recently; which motivated us to learn more about this and share it with you. You may indeed find some similarities once you read this post.

1. Let's explain the scientific background of this thing:

Our blood types are determined according to the kinds of antigens located on our red blood cells. The symbols A, B, AB and 0 refer to the antigen types. Group A is the one that has A antigens; group B, B antigens; AB both; and 0 has none.

2. The reason why such a classification was needed is mixing different types of blood can lead to serious health problems.

For example, if your blood  type is 0, getting a transfusion of AB can even lead to serious complications, including death.

3. In 1930 the Japanese professor, Takeji Furukawa, took this matter out of medical science's monopoly and wrote an article claiming that our blood types could tell a lot about our personalities.

These character analyses, called "ketsuekigata," became a part of the Japanese society and newspapers and magazines started mentioning these just like the zodiac analyses of the west. Today, the self-help books written on this topic are in the best-seller category. Moreover, there are professional matchmakers that find the best partner candidate for you according to your blood type!

4. Your blood type is also thought to say a lot about your health and the likelihood of catching some diseases.

This is accepted by many scientists and many studies have been conducted on this subject since the middle of the 20th century.

Let's finally get to it.

Here is your personality analysis according to your blood type:

Type A

Scientific explanation:

The type of antigen found on the red blood cells of a person, also tells us about how much of which hormone is released in that person's body. If your blood is type A,  it is pretty likely that your body releases a lot of stress hormone, named cortisol. There are also particular disease risks attributed to this type: 20% higher chance of gastric cancer compared to the types 0 and B; 5% higher chance of heart diseases compared to type 0. Well, it isn't all bad; type A is not that popular among mosquitoes, they will bother you much less!

Ketsuekigata explanation:

People who have type A blood, which is one of the most common types, like cooperation, helping people, are sensitive, intelligent, and perfectionists. It is important for them that they build good relationships with others, which can sometimes lead them to hide their real emotions. That's why they might sometimes feel uncomfortable around people and turn out to be shy and introverted. 

These people can be very tense and impatient, however when faced with a crisis, they are very well able to stay calm and show the strength that they have. Because they are very responsible and have a good work discipline, they are very likely to lead a successful life.

People who have this blood type may sometimes experience sleep disorders due to stress. Stress is one of the factors that most often affects their lives. Additionally, they are the most creative people because of their sensitive personality.

Type B

Scientific explanation:

If you have type B blood, your risk of having a heart disease is 11% higher compared to the people with type 0. Moreover, a study conducted at Harvard University showed that women who have type AB or B are more likely to have ovarian cancer.

Ketsuekigata explanation:

People with type B blood, who make up one third of the world's population, are thought to be the most well-balanced people. They have an incredible talent in running their day-to-day business. They are thoughtful and sensitive. They are not only ambitious and good leaders, but also think about the tiniest detail of a plan and follow what is logical.

They have a high level of concentration and a goal-oriented mentality. They enjoy their individuality and don't go for collaborations; everything should ttake place within their own rules. Others can find them cold and serious because they focus on their thoughts rather than their feelings.

Type AB

Scientific explanation:

People who have type AB blood are 23% more likely to suffer from a heart disease than type 0. Additionally, pregnant women who have type AB blood experience blood pressure problems called preeclampsia.

According to an interesting study published in the magazine "Neurology," these people experience problems with language and concentration 82% more often.

Ketsuekigata explanation:

People who have type AB blood, which is the rarest type, are pretty popular. As there is both A and B antigens on their red blood cells, their characters might be made up by the aspects inherent in their sub types. For example these people might be both shy and friendly.

The best thing about these people is their mentality: they aren't bothered by little things. They like leading an active and exciting life, and have spirituality.

Although they are responsible, they don't like being asked many questions or ordered. They like doing things their way. Lastly, just like the people who have type  A blood, they also experience stress related problems.

Type 0

Scientific explanation:

According to scientific studies, people who have type 0 blood are more likely to suffer from ulcers, cholera and muscle diseases. Aside from that, they are least likely to have pancreatic cancer. Lastly, type 0 blood attracts mosquitoes twice as much as type A.

Ketsuekigata explanation:

People who have this type of blood, which is another one of the most common types, love their freedom. They are both good leaders and love solitude. They are brave people with high self-esteem, however, they also care about what others think of them.

Their intuitions and concentration skills are strong, but they are also unreliable people because they give up too easily.

However, saying that being unreliable is the only bad this about these people wouldn't be incorrect. They are energetic, social and the center of attention in social gatherings. They rarely experience stress related problems. It is also true that they feel much better when they are physically active.

5. Aaaaand very lastly:

Love compatibility:

  • Type A is happiest with type A and AB

  • Type B has the best relationships with B and AB.

  • AB can have a good relationship with every other blood type including itself.

  • And type 0 is most compatible with type 0 and AB.

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