18 Celebrities With Psychological Disorders


We love celebrities. We want to be celebrities. We look at their glorious lives from afar and we can't help but envy them. As surprising as it may sound, celebrities do not live the life that we desire for ourselves, especially when you hear about the inner conflicts that they are dealing with. One of the underlying causes of those conflicts are the psychological disorders. These disorders are  the enemy that makes  life miserable for some while  for the others they are the one and only source of their creativity. 

Here we are looking at the disorders that some celebrities are dealing with:

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1. Britney Spears


Britney, once a rising star and the next Madonna according to some, could not carry the burden of fame on her shoulders any more and ended up experiencing a major psychological downfall.

Britney shaved her head in front of the cameras, was showing inconsistent behaviour, had frequent mood swings, was having trouble making sound decisions and was addicted to alcohol, which pointed to bipolar disorder.


2. Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe, who had a legendary beauty, suffered from manic depression according to his doctor. He could tell this by the sudden emotional fluctuations she was having. Monroe went through difficult times due to her disease.

3. Amy Winehouse


According to what her husband and assistant, Alex Haines, says Winehouse was a drug and sex addict. He said: 

"Living with Amy was like living with a porn star. We had sex at least 4-5 times a day. Sometimes Amy woke me up just to have sex. She wasn't a drug addict only. She was also a sex addict..."  

4. Charlie Chaplin


Chaplin, who died at the age of 88, got married four times! His temper tantrum, impatience and condescending behaviour towards his partners brought an end to his relationships. He also had a 'thing' for young women, which explains the fact that he had married to a 16-year-old and a 15-year-old. Based on what his ex-wives say, doctors think that Chaplin, who by the way survived a rough childhood, suffered from a personality disorder.

5. Mel Gibson


Gibson is known for his addiction to alcohol as well as his acting gift. He has been arrested several times due to his condition. The reason behind this is his bipolar affective disorder. He has been getting professional help for a long time now and it seems that it is under control for the time being.

6. Jessica Alba


Alba is obsessed with hygene. She could not beat this condition no matter what she did. And since she understood that she was not going to be able to beat it by herself, she has been receiving treatment, which made her life relatively easy.

7. Justin Timberlake


Timberlake said, in an interview,  that he was suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD), hyperactivity disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

8. David Beckham


Beckham has admitted that he is suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and wants everything to be in perfect order.

9. Kurt Cobain


Cobain, who had swings between complete happiness and depression, was also a bipolar. But his condition served as a basis for his art.

10. Jean-Claude Van Damme


After a period of downfall in his career, Van Damme was diagnosed with bipolar. He was hospitalized in 1996 and he nearly committed suicide in 1997 as he had left the hospital before the treatment was over.

11. Axl Rose


Doctors diagnosed Axl Rose, Gun 'N' Roses' lead vocalist,  with bipolar affective disorder.

12. Elton John


Elton John started to eat incessantly to relieve stress in 2002. This was, of course, emotional eating, which  pointed to some underlying psychological conditions. He gained excessive weight in a short period of time and had to receive treatment that lasted for a long time.

13. Sinead O'Connor


Sinead said, in an interview, that she was suffering form manic depression.

14. Winona Ryder


After deciding to get tratment at the cost of putting her career aside for a while, Ryder seems to have taken her bipolar under control.

15. Robert Downey Jr.


Downey was also diagnosed with bipolar and was once kept under constant supervision by his doctors .

16. Catherine Zeta Jones


Jones, who went through a really difficult time when her husband, Michael Douglas was being treated for cancer,  was diagnosed with bipolar later on.

17. Russel Brand


You can easily say by looking at Brand  that he is hyperactive and not surprisingly, he was, too, diagnosed with bipolar.

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