Catch the Second Season of ‘Los Espookys’ on HBO Max

Catch the Second Season of ‘Los Espookys’ on HBO Max

Vivian Mwikali
September 02 2022 - 03:50pm

Better late than never! That’s Los Espookys motto after delaying its second season for three years. The upcoming season received its renewal in July 2019, a month after the first season was launched. 

The impressive scores, 7.4/10 stars on IMDb and a satisfying 100% average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes must have triggered the renewal. The series was filmed in Santiago.

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A Recap of Season One

With a fictional Latin American setup, the first season of Los Espookys follows four friends, Tati, Ursula, Andres, and Renaldo. 

The quartet turns its love for horror by generating a business that brings the clients’ imaginations into reality. Mainly, the show is a work-comedy, but more entertainingly and horrifyingly.


The trailer for season two dives deeper into the horrors, with the hang leader, Renaldo, haunted by a beauty pageant queen’s spirit, which follows him everywhere-even to the supermarket. 

It proceeds to showcase the fabulous costumes and the plans to keep the business on its toes. The trailer finalizes with different clients willing to participate in the industry to satisfy some of their long-lived horrific desires- Your horrors is their passion. 

Andres is portrayed as season two’s main deal; the small staircase on her head symbolizes her actual job besides Los Espookys

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Who are the Series’ Creators and Cast?

Los Espookys season two is directed by Sebastian Silva and Ana Fábrega with Alice Mathias, Andrew Singer (for Broadway Video), Julio Torres,  Fábrega, Fred Armisen, and Lorna Michaels. Other producers include Andy Garland, Sharon Lopez, and Nate Young. Los Espookys is a Fabula (a Chilean best-selling production company) and Broadway Video co-project.

The above team incorporated different talents into the success of Los Espooky, including Cassandra Ciangherotti (Ursula), Ana Fábrega (Tati), Julio Torres (Andrés), and Bernardo Velasco (Renaldo). 

Other characters returning from season one include Martine Gutierrez, Giannina Fruttero, Sam Taggart, River L. Ramirez, Greta Titelman, and Spike Einbinder. Kim Petras, Isabella Rossellini, and Yalitza Aparicio appear as the guest characters in season two.

‘Los Espookys’ Season Two Release Date

The second installment of Los Espookys arrives on Friday, September 16th, with the premiere episode, followed by weekly releases. Per the different subscription charges, fans can also catch the first season on HBO and HBO Max

HBO Max is available for many users internationally at a fair price of $9.99 (with ads) or $14.99 (ads-free) per month. 

HBO Max has released a 1-minute, 48-second official trailer for its Twitter fans, along with the premiere news. We all need to go slightly mad sometimes; Los Espookys got it right!

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