Breathtaking Photos Of The World's Largest And Most Mysterious Cave, Son Doong Cave!


Son Doong cave is the world's largest cave, located in Quang Binh province, Vietnam. It is 30miles from Dong Hoi and 250 miles down south from Hanoi. Here are some breathtaking photos from the cave.

1. It was discovered by a local named Ho Khanh back in 1991.

2. It was a secret until 2009. The cave was recently rediscovered by British cavers.

3. The cave is 650ft. high, 500ft. wide and around 2.5 miles long.

4. It's said to be spacious enough to fit a 40-story building in!

5. The whole cave system is around 90 miles.

6. And it is yet to be fully explored!

7. Just the first 5 miles have been fully discovered so far!

8. To reach Son Dong, explorers should walk at least 6 miles within a forest path from the Truong Son Highway.

9. This is a roughly 6 hour long walk!

10. According to the explorers, Ca Xai has the best views.

11. There is also a 650 ft. deep lake in the cave!

12. The cave is around 2.5 million ages old!

13. It was formed by a river water eroding away the limestone underneath the mountain.

14. The name "Son Doong" translates into "Mountain River".

15. Inside the whole system there are lakes, rain forests and even animals!

16. Visiting the whole cave with a guided tour would last around 6-7 days!

17. And these tours cost around $3000.

18. They look like "Pearls of the Mountain".

19. Underground river in Son Doong cave.

20. 220 ft. high stalagmites.

21. For more information about the cave you can check:

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