Behold! We Are Going All Granny With This New Fashion Trend!


Hopefully you read this before everybody starts to dress up like your grandmom and you look clueless. Going granny is the new trend. We've already seen granny hair, but what about the clothes?

Last year, we went granny with the gray hair trend.

This year, we are going to go granny on our clothes.

Get ready for the granny chic.

In fact, this trend started slowly last year.

Print fabric dresses were very popular.

However, the seasons of this trend are definitely fall and winter.

We already fit into this trend by layering ourselves a ton.

Big buttoned cardigans and loose pullovers are perfect for this fashion trend.

Maybe a pullover your granny knitted for you...

Small but busy prints, short heels, pearls, scarfs, knit thighs... Everything about grandmoms are included in this trend!

If these are too old-fashioned for you, you can go more modern.

Contrasts look very chic too!

Like every other trend, the key is the creativity.

Granny likes this. 👵
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