Bastille’s New Conceptual Record Hardly Breaks From Standard Electro-Pop

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The English pop band Bastille, known 2013 mega-hit “Pompeii” and their electro-crossover Marshmello collaboration “Happier,” took a different turn in 2022 with a conceptual record that details virtual world escapism. Despite a fresh vision for the group, the same kind of bombastic 80s-style choruses and pop band dance beats dominate Give Me The Future, making it feel less interesting than their last two more successful albums.

The opening salvo of Give Me The Future hits all the right spots to appease Bastille’s fans. Catchy vocal hooks, dance tempos, and layers of glimmering, bubbly synths are employed to drive the songs and maintain the ethereal futuristic atmosphere. After setting the scene with the opening "Distorted Light Beam," the requisite Track 2/pop single placement of "Thelma + Louise" shows the buoyant heights that Bastille can reach. Sadly, that's really the major highlight, as the songs and concepts begin to weigh on the listener more than expand on the initial idea.

The Verdict on ‘Give Me The Future’

Despite other singles like "Shut Off The Lights" placed deeper in the album, there's nothing else on Give Me The Future to sustain too much continued interest. The diehard fans should certainly be pleased from an outside perspective, but the name-dropping of sci-fi elements in "Back To The Future" should indicate to any listener the limited investment in the conceptual proceedings. References to disco, funk, and other popular returns of form circling mainstream pop are all present on the music front; this is the final convincing aspect telling listeners that Give Me The Future is only slightly elevated above the average basic pop album.

Rating: 6/10


Bastille - Distorted Light Beam (Official Video)


  • 1. Distorted Light Beam

  • 2. Thelma + Louise

  • 3. No Bad Days

  • 4. Brave New World - Interlude

  • 5. Back To The Future

  • 6. Plug In...

  • 7. Promises

  • 8. Shut Off The Lights

  • 9. Stay Awake?

  • 10. Give Me The Future

  • 11. Club 57

  • 12. Total Dissociation - Interlude

  • 13. Future Holds

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