Art Is Hope! 💕Check Out These Beautiful Photographs By Children Fighting Cancer


This compilation of photographs shot by children with cancer in the USA are mesmerizing. Filled with love and appreciation for art, the children fight cancer by expressing themselves artistically, finding beauty in everything, and capturing memories that will last forever. Pablove Foundation's photography students produce this amazing work and all proceeds from selling them go to cancer research.

Check out these works of art and buy prints to help fund research programs, through this link.

Pablove Foundation helps kids fight cancer by teaching them art and photography.

Through Pablove projects the children take photography courses that last 8 weeks and learn to express themselves artistically. 

The photos they take are sold on the foundation's website and the income is donated to cancer research. Pablove has made and donated up to 2 million dollars to Children's Cancer Research funds.

Pablove was founded in the name of Jo Ann Thrailkill and Jeff Castelaz's son Pablo, who passed away at the age of 6.

The foundation is currently growing even more. So let's take a look at the recent alumni's photos from Los Angeles, USA.

Alfonso is 12 years old and says that he likes photography as it's relaxing.

Alfonso captured this magical scenery.

10 year old Amalia says that she likes photography, "because I get lost in that moment and everything else is blocked out."

She captured these colorful flowers.

8 year old Angel says that he likes expressing himself through photography because it's his father's hobby.

Angel took this abstract photo that could be a really cool album cover.

13 year old Ayanna says that photography "tells the story of my life, but it also tells the story of my friends and family."

Ayanna captured the essence of aesthetics in a set of stairs.

For 10 year old Elias, it's really fun to observe what's going on through his camera lens.

Elias took this enthralling photo!

12 year old Haya describes photography as amazing "because you can capture all of life's different moments with just a camera."

Haya took this colorful image of bell peppers that we'd otherwise overlook.

Isabella is 13, and says that through photography she is learning to slow down and observe the world around her.

Isabella produced this beautiful piece.

Jayda, 6, loves photography because it helps her create memories that will last forever.

This is one of the enchanting moments she eternalized.

9 year old Lois says "through a picture you can feel almost anything — laughter, pain, love, sorrow, loss and joy."

Lois owns this shot of architectural beauty!

According to 20 year old Nadine, photography helps us notice and appreciate the beauty in everything.

Nadine sees the beauty in even an otherwise ordinary trio of sun, sky and a basketball hoop.

Nadja is 15. She says that “knowing that I've created and captured something amazing that could potentially last a lifetime feels incredible.”

Nadja's work with a little boy is incredible.

14 year old Noah likes the way photography helps people "see the world with my imagination".

Noah shows that imagination can just be stimulated by looking up.

17 year old Robert says "photography allows me to express myself and capture memories."

Robert has created this beautiful image of reflections on a street at night.

Owen, 11; "taking pictures brings my creative side out — plus it's just fun!"

This amazing close up work of a tree trunk is by Owen.

13 year old Sujay has understood photography's magical side: "there are no rules. You're free to create whatever you like, however you like, whenever you like it. You never know what your result may be, and that's the beauty of it."

Sujay is the creator of this graceful rainy day image!

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