Amazon Prime Video's 'Paper Girls': Plot, Cast, Trailer, Release Date & More!

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> Amazon Prime Video's 'Paper Girls': Plot, Cast, Trailer, Release Date & More!

In 2019, Prime Video made an agreement with Cliff Chiang and Brian K. Vaughan to make a live-action show with the two as the chief producers. The next year, the streamer revealed that it would be adopting the pair's Image Comics series, Paper Girls. 

Last year, Paper Girls encountered a few challenges after Stephany Folsom was revealed to no long co-show run the series. Prime Video unveiled the series' first look after Christopher C. Rogers entirely took up the show running.

What's ‘Paper Girls’ Season One About?

The series narrates the story of a squad of girls who worked a paper delivery route in 1988 and are finally caught amidst a conflict between time-travellers. The young ladies navigate through self-discovery and time as they strive to rescue the world.

To survive, Paper Girls must figure out how to get back home- a journey that will bring them one-on-one with their grown-up versions.

Following a statement from C. Rogers, 'As loyal fans to Brian and Cliff's Paper Girls, we are more than excited by chance to bring this wonderful idea to existence. We present our story from the heart with extraordinary dimensions and colors- we sincerely hope the series will perform greatly.'

Who is in ‘Paper Girls’ Season One?

Launching on Friday, July 29th, the eight-part drama series stars Fina Strazza as KJ Brandman, Sofia Rosisnsky as Mac Coyle, Riley L. Nenet as Erin Tieng, and Camryn Jones as Tiffany Quilkin.

Adding to the main characters include Ali Wong, a comedian impersonating Erin's adult version, Adina Porter of American Horror Story portraying Prioress, and Nate Corddry of For All Mankind representing Larry. 

Paper Girls is authored and illustrated by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang, respectively. The pair also serves as the chief production on the series, alongside Christopher C. Roger of Halt and Catch Fire as the showrunner.

Trailer and Any Other Details

Amazon Prime Video has released an official trailer via its main YouTube handle for more descriptions. Alternatively, you can watch the 21-second video clip from Prime Video's primary Twitter page. 

Amazon Studios, Plan B Entertainment, and Legendary Television are the production companies behind Paper Girls' season one success. We promise to update you regarding any developments relating to the series. Paper Girls comes in eight episodes set to debut on the above date.