Aliens Among Us! Fitness Model With Alien Eyes Can Kill You With Her Thighs!


24-year-old Bakhar Nabieva has been known with her killer thighs, buns of steel and dark black alien eyes.

Bakhar Nabieva can easily be recognized from her killer thighs and weird pupils.

Bakhar is so sculpted that people think she's from another planet.

Because of her eyes and body, she's been compared to an alien!

She lives in Ukraine but is originally Azerbaijan.

She hasn't always looked this way. She explains that she got into fitness because kids at school made fun of her skinny legs.

"I decided to change the situation, I was tired of people looking at me." she said.

She said that when she looked in the mirror and saw some muscles, she felt like nothing could stop her.

She has 2 million followers on her Instagram account.

However, nowadays, she has been labelled her an "alien".

She was continuously asked: "Are you from this universe?" and "Are you a demon?".

Another says "Certainly the most gorgeous alien I've ever seen".

But most of people commented like "you can kill someone with those legs, girl".

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