etiket Alessandro Gassmann to Star on Netflix's "My Name Is Vendetta"

> Alessandro Gassmann to Star on Netflix's "My Name Is Vendetta"

The actor Alessandro Gassman is set to star in the upcoming movie entitled 'My Name is Vendetta'. The official trailer has been revealed by Netflix. It catches the interest of audiences because another masterpiece is about to be released.

The said movie is produced by Roberto Amoroso, Gala Antifora, and Andrea Grazzani. Also, it is written by Sandrone Dazieri, Cosimo Gomez, and Andrea Nobile. Moreover, it is directed by Cosimo Gomez. 

Another blockbuster movie is about to be released. It is a revenge story that audiences are waiting for.

Alessandro Gassman's Career in the Industry

The talented Alessandro Gassman is very flexible. He is an actor, director, and also a screenwriter. It truly shows his passion for film-making. As a result, he is one of the beloved pillars of Italian films that contributes quality films in the industry.

His hard work and passion to the industry pays off as he received many awards and honours, including, the David di Donatello, the Silver Ribbon, the Globo d'oro, and the Ciak d'oro for Best Actor. At the age of 17, he made his film debut in Padre in Figlio (1982). He co-wrote and co-directed with his father, the respectful Vittorio Gassman. 

In addition, aside from varieties of roles in numerous films, he also directed three feature films; Razzabastarda (2012), II Premio (2017) and ll silenzio grande (2021).

This 2022, he is set to portray the main character in the upcoming film by Cosimo Gomez, 'My Name is Vendetta'. Alessandro Gassman is truly a gem. He is the most suited actor to portray the character of 'Santo'. The film’s main lead is also the main character in the popular film Transporter 2 and  Jason Statham. He made this movie remarkable because of his acting skills. That's why the movie 'My Name is Vendetta' will surely become popular and successful.

What is "My Name is Vendetta" All About?

The upcoming crime thriller movie 'My Name is Vendetta' is one of the most awaited movies on Netflix. It is believed that this movie is the  Italian version of the movies 'Taken' or 'John Wick'.

'My Name is Vendetta' truly catches the interest and attention of the audience. It is all about a father named Santo who never  told his family that he was a former mafia enforcer until her wife was killed. His enemy from the past killed his brother-in-law and his wife. It pushes Santo to tell everything to his daughter and flee to Milan with this daughter to plan their revenge. Will they succeed? 

It is interesting how Allesandro Grassman gives justice to his role as Santo. Stay tuned and wait for its releasing date.

Who are the Characters of "My Name is Vendetta"

Who are the Characters of "My Name is Vendetta"

The said movie involves too much time, money and effort by the whole team. Each character is well-chosen. The main role is given to the remarkable Alessandro Gassman. He is playing the role of Santo. The father of Sofia who is played by Ginevra Francesconi. 

Other characters are Remo Girone, Sinja Dieks, Alessio Praticò, and Gabriele Falsetta. They are surely the most suited person that can play the role of the movie's characters. It is interesting how these people show their acting skills to portray the characters very well.

Where and When is "My Name is Vendetta" Showing?

Where and When is "My Name is Vendetta" Showing?

The upcoming most awaited movie is about to release this coming November 30. You can watch 'My Name is Vendetta' on Netflix. The long wait is almost over. Audiences can watch the said movie days from now.

"My Name is Vendetta" Summary

Alessandro Gassman is about to portray the leading role in the upcoming crime thriller movie entitled 'My Name is Vendetta' directed by Cosimo Gomez. This movie is about a father named Santo who is a mafia enforcer in his past, and plans a revenge with his daughter. It is because Santos's wife and brother-in-law was killed by his enemy from the past.

The said movie is expected to be watched on Netflix. Its releasing date is at the end of November. 

Alessandro Gassman is a veteran actor, director, and screenwriter. The main role fits him very well. His co-actors to this movie are Ginevra Francesconi, Remo Girone, Sinja Dieks, Alessio Praticò, and Gabriele Falsetta.

It's an interesting movie you must not miss out on! My Name is Vendetta, showing on November 30.