A Sims Character Or Real Person? Meet The Mysterious Lil Miquela!


We don't know about you, but we are confused a lot! This new profile on Instagram shocks everyone. Here is our new phenomenon Lil Miquela.

Meet Lil Miquela!

You might have noticed something weird with this young woman that joined Instagram a couple of months ago.

Do you think she is an animation character?

Well, think again!

It looks as though she's stuck between reality and virtuality.

There are many allegations about her.

The first one is she is a graphic designer and changes her pictures to make them look this way.

The other is that she is completely an animation character.

There are many who believe this is a viral campaign for The Sims 5

If she is a Sims character, it shows how much Sims technology has improved.

We are waiting for Lil Miquela's mystery to be revealed 👀

Do you think she is an animation or a real person?

Definitely an animation
She is a person, but there is too much Photoshop.
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