6 Golden Suggestions On How To Use A Baseball Bat As A Weapon!

6 Golden Suggestions On How To Use A Baseball Bat As A Weapon!

February 14 2017 - 05:13pm

When you are mad at someone and you have in mind to beat him with something, we highly suggest you to use a baseball bat for full satisfaction.

Even though it sounds like an American way to fight, now it is very local, thank God. However, despite being local, it only can be used by high society since each one of them is 40-50 Euros and can't be found easily.

Anyway, we still advise you not to fight..

Not everyone can really use the baseball bat.

Beating with it has a style, its own technique. Nobody would like to live in a country that everyone fights with it. It is a life style, an expression, a riot!

First of all, you need to choose the bat carefully.

A wooden one or a metal one? In my humble opinion, wooden ones are the best. They are more traditional. Sounds more like home, follows you carefully, makes you feel better each time you hit.

You can't have those with a metal bat.

It is a product of artificial works. Metal bats suck. Only the beaten one can feel it is a bat. Metal bats don't assure you or make you feel safe.

How should we hold the bat?

We can hear you say ''does that matter?'' It does, my friend. In fact, they way you hold it depends on the location of the target, moving or stable..

The favorite technique is holding it as if holding a lover.

It connects you with the bat and shows your respect to the target. If your target is moving and he is such a jerk, we suggest to hit him with one hand rapidly. BUT..! Never throw the bat after someone running. Even though you might hit it, the insult will offend the bat and it will take its revenge.

And the things you need to know about bat care.

Make sure the bat is polished before you hit. It will increase the pain of the target. After the beating, wipe your bat with a wet cloth gently and dry. 10 minutes after, put some almond oil on your bat and lay it. A 1 hour sunbath a day will help your bat to get stronger. Don't use it in the rain. If you have to, don't forget to dry it afterwards.

Notes for the fanciers!

Notes for the fanciers!

If you need some suggestions after this list, my favorite bats are 'Hillerich & Bradsby' wooden products. If you look for cheaper ones, go for ''Easton'' or ''Wilson Sporting Goods.'' For the beginners, I suggest ''Rawlings.''

Don't ever do that!

Don't ever do that!

That's offensive for the bat. NEVER!

One last thing, ''the bat remains.''

One last thing, ''the bat remains.''

Take care of it and enjoy my friends.

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