30 Awesome Family Holiday Photos From Beyonce!


Our beautiful Beyonce went on a breath-taking vacation with her husband Jay Z and little daughter Blue Ivy. Maybe it is just a Hawaii thing, but they look very happy!

Here are the vacation photos that Beyonce shared:

1. Beyonce went on a vacation in Hawaii with her family to relax after her world tour that lasted for weeks.

2. The 34-year old singer captured almost every moment of this vacation.

And she shared these photos with her fans on her website

3. The couple, who has been married since 2008, seems to be having both romantic moments and having fun with their daughter in the photos.

4. Beyonce, who will be on vacation until July 28th concert in England, looks like she will continue sharing these beautiful moments with us until the end of the trip!

5. Her husband Jay Z, on the other hand, will start working on an album telling the story of cheating from his side after this vacation.

We are looking forward to it!.🙉

6. There were rumors that the couple would separate after Beyonce's last album, called Lemonade, where she told the story of a woman who got cheated on.

7. However, contrary to the rumors, they look even more in love than ever!

8. Their romantic poses falsify the news of divorce.

9. And apparently, Beyonce gives a lot of importance to her new album, Lemonade. 🍋

10. She looks both stylish and fun with her lemonade-themed beach look!

11. She looks very beautiful with her crown made of fake lemons, her necklace and earrings.

12. If life gives a bunch of lemons to Beyonce, what will she do?

She will put some together and make an album! 😂

13. She looks perfect in her flower-patterned and long-sleeved swim suit and radiates on the Hawaii beaches!

14. The combination of her colorful swim suit with the yellow kimono is simply perfect!

She shines like the sun! 🌞

15. The couple enjoys their refreshing cocktails, the sun and the beach!🍹

16. The couple, who obviously enjoys this a lot, didn't forget to take selfies! 📸

17. And meanwhile, little Blue Ivy builds sand castles with her friends as her mom captures these joyful moments.

18. And here, Blue Ivy dances with her dad and Beyonce also makes sure to capture this happy performance!

19. Beyonce looks like she doesn't let go of her phone and has promised to capture as many photos as she can.

20. The whole family had a bike tour during their amazing Hawaii trip. The 4-year old Blue Ivy sat behind her dad!

Fun & Exercise... 🚲

21. Here are some other photos from the trip:


23. The most beautiful shade of blue ... 💙








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