27 Questions To Ask Ourselves About Harry Potter Since We're Now Adults!


No matter how innocent the Harry Potter saga looks to us, we can't stop ourselves from asking ''how do wizards do that?" as we grow up. These BuzzFeed questions agree with us.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jemimaskelley/4...

How often could older students sneak in each others dorms?

Did they teach safe sex at Hogwarts? If so, who were the lecturers and dorm leads?

Imagine McGonagall teaching sex to the twins...

Are there any sexual transmitted diseases amongst wizards? If so, what are they?

Well, excuse us....but can we do an ''engorgio'' spell on a penis?

How could Voldemort and Bellatrix have sex?

He doesn't even have a nose. Last time we remember, it was in a caldron.

What about wizard LGBT rights?

Is there any spell for homosexuals to have a baby by using half of their genes? 🌈🌈

Do wizards use the same birth control methods as muggles?

How do giants and humans have sex with each other?

Is there any family planning for wizards?

What about abortion laws and rights?

How does it feel for witches to give birth? Does it even hurt?

How about magic pads and tampons? Is there a special spell for this?

Is there health insurance for wizards?

What is the situation with the magic world's mental health services?


It seemed like some students needed it in Hogwarts.

Is there any way to stay fit without any exercise?

Is the Ministry of Magic separated into liberals and conservatives?

Are there any TV shows for wizards?

How do Quidditch fans watch the game when they are not watching it live?

How about reality shows for wizards?

How cool a wizard cooking show would be!

It was normal to use books in the 90s. However, did technology change the habits for wizards after 20 years?

If wizards don't have smart phones, do they have Tinder for wizards?

Do wizards have funny captions?

Are there any racist wizards?

Any spells for hangovers?

Are Muggle fiction books popular in the wizard world?

Can anyone who is good with potions create a potion for, literally, anything?

And last of all, what did Aberforth do to the goats?

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