25 Living Proofs Why Buzz Cut Is The Sexiest Hairstyle For Men

Buzz cuts are a great haircut for men if they can pull it off.  Saying goodbye to all your hair and shaving it all off require courage but result worths trying.

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/saclarini-uc-num...

1. It is a bold move.

2. It is trying something new and unkown.

3. You should be brave to shave it all.

4. Let people focus more on your face.

5. It's a renunciation.

6. They are completely self-confident.

7. Sexy...

8. Nothing to hide...

9. Cool...

10. Genuine...

11. Realistic...

12. They know how to enjoy life.

13. They have big goals in life.

14. They are adventurous.

15. They are fully aware of everything.

16. They are self-sufficient.

17. They make their own way.

18. They are NOT clichés.

19. They take good care of themselves.

20. Thoughful...

21. And attractive.

22. They are masculine.

23. Promising...

24. Joyful...

25. Did I mention sexy?

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