25 Great Movies You Probably Haven't Seen Yet!!!


If you haven't heard of these movies, now it's time to update your watchlist. You can thank us later!!!

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1. The Juror (1996)

A struggling single mother's search for the truth threatens her child's life.

2. Red Lights (2004)

Antoine and Helene drive to South France to return their kids from a holiday camp. The traffic is dense and the atmosphere growing tense, he is an alcoholic and becomes increasingly drunk the more often they stop. After a fierce discussion they split and both have to face great danger during the night.

3. Wilderness (2006)

Juvenile delinquents get sent to a small British island after a fellow prisoners death, where they have to fight for survival.

4. Three Days of the Condor (1975)

A bookish CIA researcher finds all his co-workers dead, and must outwit those responsible until he figures out who he can really trust.

5. The Nature of the Beast (1995)

Two men, both hiding a deadly secret, are on a murderous rampage through the desert.

6. Deceived (1991)

A marriage that seemed perfect comes crashing down after the death of Jack Saunders, husband of Adrienne Saunders. Strange developments begin to be discovered by Adrienne regarding Jack's past, developments that lead her to believe she has been deceived.

7. The Stepfather (1987)

A man who at first seems to be the ideal husband proves to be a psychotic serial killer searching for the "perfect" family, and is willing to kill whenever he is disappointed. Based on a true story.

8. Hider in the House (1989)

A deranged man hides in the attic of a new house and becomes obsessed with the unsuspecting family that moves in.

9. One Eight Seven (1997)

After surviving a brutal attack by a student, teacher Trevor Garfield moves from New York to Los Angeles to start a new life.

10. I'm Not Scared (2003)

A young boy accidentally discovers a deep hole in the ground, where another boy is kept prisoner.

11. Europa Europa (1990)

A boy in Nazi Germany, trying to conceal that he is Jewish, joins the Hitler Youth.

12. Body Double (1984)

A young actor's obsession with spying on a beautiful woman who lives nearby leads to a baffling series of events with drastic consequences.

13. Blood Simple (1984)

A rich but jealous man hires a private investigator to kill his cheating wife and her new man.

14. First Strike (1996)

A cop, participates in a sting operation on an international spy-ring. But when one of them gets away, Jackie is ordered to apprehend him.

15. The Mechanic (1972)

An aging hitman befriends a young man who wants to be a professional killer. Eventually it becomes clear that someone has betrayed them.

16. The Raven (2012)

When a madman begins committing horrific murders inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's works, a young Baltimore detective joins forces with Poe to stop him from making his stories a reality.

17. Thief (1981)

Becoming closer to his dream of leading a normal life, a professional safecracker agrees to do a job for the mafia, who have other plans for him.

18. The Limey (1999)

An extremely volatile and dangerous Englishman goes to Los Angeles to find the man he considers responsible for his daughter's death.

19. Cohen and Tate (1988)

A boy kidnapped by two mismatched hitmen puts them at each other's throats while being driven to their employers.

20. Amusement (2008)

Three women are stalked by a killer with a grudge that extends back to the girls' childhoods.

21. Money for Nothing (1993)

After finding a bagful of unmarked $100 bills, unemployed dockworker Joey Coyle had a million reasons to give the money back, but he couldn't think of one.

22. Basic (2003)

23. Red Rock West (1993)

Dead tired and flat broke after driving 1,200 miles, Michael, an unemployed Texan, walks into a tavern in tiny Red Rock West, Wyoming, and is immediately offered a sinister job.

24. Along Came a Spider (2001)

A congressman's daughter under Secret Service protection is kidnapped from a private school by an insider who calls Det. Alex Cross, sucking him into the case even though he's recovering from the loss of his partner.

25. A Simple Plan (1998)

The Mitchell brothers stumble across a downed airplane that contains millions of dollars. They plot to keep the money, but greed causes distrust amongst them.

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