25 Designers Who Should Get A Reward For Their Creative Solutions!


Some people are just born great and some people creates the greatness.

1. A paper plane shaped bench in an airport.

2. Using shadows to emphasize men's and women's restrooms is so classy.

3. Turn the cups upside down. Here you have a creative restroom sign.

4. How could possibly a barber's car look like?

5. This electric company found a clever way to make a sign.

6. Who says bushes needs to be boring?

7. I would give 100 bucks to this Bruce Lee clock.

8. "This paper came with my refrigerator to let me know that there are some sounds that are “OK” during normal running."

9. It takes two to tango as it takes two to make a king.

10. Bamboo sink looks legit.

11. If you're on a cruise ship, then you should have a pool table to get on with it.

12. These are for bike-parking.

13. An artistic child bike.

14. This car definitely carries bread and has a clever way to show it.

15. A very very elegant sink.

16. Everyone needs a car umbrella.

17. Piranha plant slippers from Mario Bros. games.

18. You'll no longer be sleepy if you drink this caffeinated mints.

19. Tail lights for patriots.

20. An umbrella holder that looks like an umbrella. Umbrellaception!!

21. Finally someone thought of that. Special designed plug that doesn't block the other electrical outlet.

22. This staircase is looking like they're opening to 2070.

23. A chocolate that designed for Christmas.

24. This mug comes with it's own coaster.

25. Modern way to send you message in a bottle.

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