24 Nightclub Photos Gone So Wrong!


Night clubs are supposed to be fun places where you get away from all of your daily troubles. The idea of losing yourself is good but when it comes to capturing these moments in photos, hilarious scenes might occur!

The following photos are each proving this claim in the most hilarious way! You might reconsider taking photos at the night clubs after seeing those!


1. Who's up for a midnight snack?

2. With a little help from my friends...

3. Tanning game got strong!

4. This is a scene you can only experience in nightclubs and nowhere else.

5. Drink responsibly or you'll turn into living zombies just like below.

6. When you are sleepy as hell but you keep on dancing on the dance floor.


8. The coolest guy at the disco!

9. Some experimental dance moves

10. Someone's enjoying the view...

11. Too late, man...

12. She having hard time to shake this guy off.

13. Most creative club costume award goes to:

14. When you are photobombed by a night club zombie

15. You can tell from her face that something is not right!

16. Someone's visiting the dentist tomorrow...

17. Drinking beer in a whole new level...

18. Decisions, decisions...

19. Wonder what happens after she realised what he's doing...

20. The moment when you lose yourself to dance...

21. I wonder what he drank to be this happy...

22. Night clubs are a lot better with goats!!

23. This is what having fun looks like!

24. The aftermath!

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