22 Awesome Reasons To Drop Everything And Move To Lichtenstein!


Think of a country where everyone has friended each other on Facebook. Yeah, that's true. When you go to picnic you can see the whole country. Welcome to Lichtenstein!

1. It only takes 3 hours to see the whole country!

2. There are no airports. No pollution, no annoying noises!

Even the express trains are not stopping by!

3. Population? Just over 35K! Yeah, a little bit bigger than your local town!

4. You can invite the whole country to your BBQ!

5. The colors and symbols of the flag carry cultural, political, and regional meanings.

Blue represents the sky, while red alludes to the "evening fires" that are lit inside houses throughout the country. Source: Wikipedia

6. 100% of the country is literate!

So there are no excuses for unread messages!

7. Crime rate is at its lowest!

Latest murder was 12 years ago. You don't even have to lock your door.

8. Half of its population is a member of a sports organization.

One in every 198 people belong to a sports club.

9. There are only 250 cops for your safety!

Less is more when it comes to these...

10. Super simple parliement: It only has 25 members. A prime minister and 4 government counselors!

11. They have the highest GNP in the whole world.


12. You don't need to worry about mandatory army service. There is no army!

13. Neighbors you can trust like Austria or Switzerland!

14. A prince with a pretty smile...

15. You can use the whole country for your own private wedding event!

Just for 70 thousand bucks...

16. They have globally known companies...

17. Education is almost 100% private. There are no crowded classrooms!

18. A life of peace and tranquility...

19. Great universities located in the heart of nature!

20. ... and beautiful women.

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