21 Totally Innocent Photos That Will Determine How Much Of A Perv You Are


Have you ever looked at something and thought you saw something else? I mean it happens to all of us right? 

Let's face it, our minds are great at playing tricks on us, sometimes we see things that aren't there! It's like our minds are hard-wired to see the dirty in everything. Take a look at these 21 photos that look dirty… every single one is perfectly (or imperfectly) innocent yet our brains immediately tell us something else is going on.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/katangus/why-ar...

1. Easy! This is just a purse.

2. There’s nothing here but a pair of women’s shoes.

3. I don’t know why a bottle of air freshener would catch anybody off guard.

4. It’s only a freshly opened tub of margarine.

5. Just a delicious strawberry tart, of course.

6. It’s a free toy in a box of cereal, obviously!

7. Why are you giggling? Is fire safety funny to you?

8. It’s a sofa. What am I missing?

9. What else do you see besides a hearty bowl of meat soup?

10. All I see is a nice, ripe tomato.

11. And a cantaloupe. Nothing else.

12. A spoon in some yogurt. Move along.

13. Why? What do you see besides a hard-boiled egg?

14. It’s a weather report! Important information that people need to know!

15. What else would an M-shaped balloon look like?

16. This guy is just squishing the skin on his knee together. Nothing else of note here.

17. Clearly just a picture of a chocolate bean on a bottle of wine.

18. It’s just a hole in a tree where you could hide treasure. What? What did I say?

19. Where else would you expect your pet to sleep? ON THE FLOOR?


21. And this is simply a sweet potato that… Oh. OH. Okay, yeah, I see it now.

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