21 Genius Food Inventions That Will Change The Way You Dine Forever!

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You’ve probably never seen a shopping cart with a magnifying glass attached so elderly people can read the food labels better or a microwave that will cook your food to perfection by simply scanning the barcode on the packaging. Now that you’ve heard about them, you wonder where they have been for all these years! Here are 21 genius inventions that make eating a lot more fun.

1. The condiment stand that makes sure the ketchup is always ready to pour.

2. The label on this mango that tells you when it's at optimum ripeness.

Here's the avocado version:

3. The Pringles-like chips that have a tab that you lift up, saving you from trying to squeeze your hand into the tube.

4. The instant noodles that come with a strainer attached.

5. The chopsticks that are also a fork, in case you're not feeling too confident.

6. The Japanese chewing gum that comes with tiny Post-it-style papers so you can throw it away when you're all chewed out.

7. This picnic bench that includes high chair seating for small children, seating for adults, AND space for wheelchair users.


8. Brownies that are color coded so you know whether they're from the corner edge or center of the tray.

9. The restaurant tables that have a safe place for your phone to avoid spilling anything on it.

10. The microwave that offers a "sound off" setting so you don't piss off your entire office every time you make lunch.

11. The toaster that has a "bit more" option for when your toast isn't quiiiite done. 🍞🍞🍞

12. This Prague restaurant that delivers your order via train.

13. The shopping trolleys that have magnifying glasses attached to help visually impaired people read labels.

14. These signs that tell the wait staff whether to help you or leave you alone.

15. The microwave that knows exactly how long to cook your food when you scan the barcode.

16. The restaurant that offers complimentary mouthwash in the bathroom should the garlic take its toll.

17. The holes in these tables so that you can support these cones of fries if you want to eat in.

18. The bathroom that gives you the option of scented or unscented soap, depending on whether you've finished eating.

19. The restaurant that uses this simple but very effective Lego technique to keep track of their tables.

20. The bar that serves Coke with ice cubes made from Coke, so your drink doesn't get watered down when they melt.

21. This utensil that is a spoon, fork, AND removable toothpick, all in one.


Source: BuzzFeed

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