20 Awesome Things About Raccoons Guaranteed To Make You Adopt One!

20 Awesome Things About Raccoons Guaranteed To Make You Adopt One!

Wilkie J. Anders
April 29 2016 - 10:43am Last Update: May 01 2016 - 11:03am

Raccoons are mid-sized mammals native to North America, and they are absolute QTs. They love to swim, climb and have a curiosity about cat food, as well as shiny stuff. Some people in the US own raccoons as pets and some raccoons sneak into houses, even though they are not invited. 

So why don't you consider letting those sweet animals into your home? If you have a hard time convincing yourself, just take a look at to our list.

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1. They love cats as much as you do!

Thus, having a cat at home is not an excuse for not adopting a raccoon.

2. Guess what? The same thing applies to dogs!!

No excuses for dog owners as well!

3. It's for the best if you feed them separately.

Or else your other pets might get nothing.

4. They are cute little kleptomaniacs.

You know where to look for your missing ring.

5. They love playing with water.

Beware, they might learn how faucets work.

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6. So bathing them is not a hard task.

7. By the way, it's easy to confuse them with Red Pandas.

For your consideration, this is a red panda.

8. They are a bit shameless.

9. They like to share. (Rarely)

They steal food from others, but within themselves, they have a just system.

10. They are perfect buddies for your movie nights.

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11. They are cool to hang out with, as well.

High five bro!

12. They are even-tempered, but when you cross the limit, sh.t will happen.

They probably don't know how to use guns, but it's better to be cautious.

13. They have strong family bonds.

Don't be surprised if you see a horde of raccoons in front of your house. They are probably visiting their relatives.

14. They have table manners.

15. It'll be hard to leave them at home when you are going out.

'Please don't go!'

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16. They are not loud. Your sleep will not be interrupted.

Sometimes this might turn into sneakiness.

17. Your children will have a great time with them.

They'll be BFFs.

18. They are extremely talented and crafty.

You'll spend a long time in your garage with them.

19. Well yes. They are a bit weird.

20. You don't have to train them. They know how to use the bathroom perfectly well.

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Bonus: Don't forget that they are still wild animals. Try to go out often together.

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