19 Dumb Things Guys Do When They're Alone!


When we are on our own, we tend to do the most random things that we normally wouldn't do. What are guys doing? This list compiles some of these random things guys do when no one is watching!

1. Wearing the same clothes for days when hitting the gym.

2. The art of wearing the same couple of pairs of jeans for weeks and weeks.

3. Being too lazy to deal with the laundry and turning their boxers inside out

4. In addition to this, smelling underwear to see if it can be worn again.

And being okay with it most of the time.

5. Smelling his own fart and grading it between 1-10.


Or changing whole eating habits just to experience new smells...

6. Constantly postponing taking a shower and being okay with all the bodily odors.

7. Not wondering about the status of the nail pieces when trimming.

Anywhere but the trash can.

8. Checking out and categorizing the snot coming out of his nose.

And letting these little fellas hang around the house.

9. Snot rocketing in the shower...


10. Putting hands inside his pants to check out the testicles -- and smelling them afterwards.

11. Not considering washing his hands at tall after the bathroom.


12. Making weird steps so that the testicles take their place, especially in the hot summer days.

13. Pinching out the itchy testicles just like this:

14. Using deodorant and perfume ferociously...

15. Putting room spray over the bed sheets that haven't been washed for months.


Believing that they actually smell good...

16. Sending out proud portraits of their poop.


Especially when they think that they've created something unique...

17. Standing far from the toilet and aiming for the hole. Taking things one step further and trying this also with a group of friends.

18. Finding out the most random place to masturbate when the urge comes...

19. Successfully cleaning out the remains of, well, anything.


BONUS: Taking snaps of their junk anytime possible...

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