18 Unrealistic Things That Women Do In Movies During Sex Will Make You Cringe


Take of your bra Hollywood! Here are some unrealistic things that women do during intercourses in movies.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/alliehayes/wome...

1. No foreplay! Just instant orgasms

2. Who needs lube? Not me

Using saliva as lube is not hygienic and it makes things harder.

3. Endless circle of moaning and moaning

During sex in movies, moaning is inevitable. The woman always moans over and over again even with a slightest touch.

4. Matching underwear, expensive lingerie and looking like a goddess.

What about granny pants or old panties that you couldn't get rid of? Do you always wear sexy lingerie? I don't think so.

5. May the bra with you!

Take of your bra Hollywood. No one like a bra during sex. Actually no one likes a bra in any part of the day. It's just necessary but NOT while having sex.

6. But if the bra goes, the sheet stays.

Dude's chest will be fully exposed while the woman's covered with sheet. FREE.THE.BOOB.

7. The same bedsheet is now a perfect dress for the lady.

Because it's forbidden to walk around naked.

8. Uncontrollable "accidental" orgasms in public.

Is it that easy though?

9. Never peeing after sex.

Peeing after sex is healthy to cleanse your urethra from bacterias.

10. Easily having sex in the shower without even slipping...

No awkward conversation?

11. ...or bumping their heads and elbows somewhere.

Showers are small dude!

12. With one hand motion, the dress just drops into the floor.

No worry at all! My dress is just made that way for you to take it off easily.

13. Wearing the clothes which the previous girl forgot in the dude's apartment...

And it perfectly fits like tailor made.

14. ...or wearing the man's shirt as a dress.

Why don't you wear your own clothes?

15. The spontaneous "highly choreographed" striptease.

So you are naturally talented for striptease and pole dance.

16. Slow motion, sexy, loooong orgasms.

The better the orgasm, the more awkward noises or faces happen in real life.

17. Born as a gymnast.

Leg over shoulder is easy to manage for every woman in movies. EVERY SİNGLE WOMAN.

18. And lastly, no embarrassing sounds, no gags, no farts, no hilarious noises and NO QUEEFİNG?

Sex is not PRETTY.

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