17 Famous GFs Of Drake, AKA The King Of Playahs!


Drake, a 25-year old Canadian rapper, is now in a relationship with Rihanna. We have actually been seeing Rihanna and Drake together on and off for the last 6 years. We just want to remember other girlfriends of Drake, who has been in our lives for around 15 years, first as an actor and then a singer.

1. Bria Myles

Drake, who likes making references to his exes in his songs, was in a relationship with 32-year old American actress Bria Myles, whose name we hear in the Drake song called "Bria's Interlude."

2. Nicki Minaj


The lap dance Nicki Minaj gave to Drake in the video of her song Anaconda put this couple in the center of attention again, because for a long time it was rumored that there could be something between these two. Neither of them has ever confirmed being together, but the majority believes that  they were once an item.

3. Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor, who had a Twitter Feud with Rihanna three years ago, was once Drake's girlfriend.

4. Maliah Michel

Drake didn't hesitate to look cozy with Maliah Michel, who was in the video of the song "Find Your Love" that Drake shot in 2010.

5. Taraji P. Henson


Drake showed that he would be seen in media often not only because of his music, but also his personal life; with his relationship in 2010 with the American actress, Taraji P. Henson, who is 16 years older than him.

6. Amber Rose


There were rumors about these two being together in 2010 and the fact that they spent the first days of this year together revived this rumors.

7. Serena Williams

The fact that Drake closely followed the matches of the 34-year old legendary tennis player, Serena Williams during the American Open and their intimate poses naturally brought out gossip about them being together. There was even a rumor that Serena was carrying Drake's baby, but it was falsified later on. But there is still not much doubt about them once having a romance.

8. Dollicia Bryan

Drake was with the 32-year old model, Dollica Bryan in 2011. Bryan then had relationships with celebrities such as Tyga and Rob Kardashian.

9. Sophia Marie


It is difficult to star in a Drake video and move on like nothing happened. This might be just a speculation, but Sophia Marie is one of those people who just couldn't get away.

10. Rita Ora

When the song written by Drake in 2012 for Rihanna's album was rejected by Rihanna, Rita Ora had a lucky break. The public is divided into two groups based on their beliefs on this duo, who also made a duet together: one group is convinced that they had something bigger going on; and the other believes this was not the case.

11. Tyra Banks

42-year old American model and TV personality Tyra Banks had a short relationship with Drake four years ago.

12. Zoe Kravitz

Drake looked intimate with Lenny Kravitz's daughter, Zoe, at a Beyonce concert in 2013. He once again became more than friends with a friend of his.

13. Shaye G

The Canadian rapper usually prefers curvy women with wide hips. One of the examples of this tendency of his is the model Shaye G.

14. Lira Galore

Lira Galore, who had earlier dated Pat Beverley, who plays basketball for the Houston Rockets, also dated Drake for around a month. Drake, whose love for Rihanna has never faded away, usually dated women who looked similar once a month.

15. Bernice Burgos


We are now going to the clip of "Diced Pineapples" to see the 35-year old model, Bernice Burgos, who starred in this video and was yet another of the many women who were with Drake.

16. Ravie Loso


Ravie Loso, whose resemblance to Serena Williams attracts a lot of attention, is a model who Drake partied a lot with during the last months of last year, which is exactly the same time that we thought he was with Serena.

17. Hailey Baldwin

Before the last incident of Rihanna and Drake in May, we thought that Drake's heart belonged to Hailey Baldwin. Let us remind you that the 19-year old American model also dated Justin Bieber.

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