17 Actresses Who Deserve To Be In Better Places With Their Acting Skills


There are many people in the world with no acting talent whatsoever but they still get to be famous and are known by almost everyone. We know that acting is a tough business, especially in Hollywood, but some people deserve to be in better places than where they are today. In this list, we put together 17 actresses who deserve to be in better places.

1. Tilda Swinton


She is one of the rare actresses who can play very different characters in great movies. Despite this, she's a little under the fame radar; But, she still has a lot of fans. 👊

2. Mélanie Laurent


She has a classic French woman attitude. She deserves to be a "star actress" after her role in the Inglorious Basterds.

3. Michelle Williams


She is the best thing left of the Dawson's Creek cast. We knew she was a great actress right in the beginning but she proved she deserves to be somewhere different than where she is now in her role in Manchester by the Sea.

4. Rosamund Pike


Even though we wanted more from her after Pride & Prejudice, she couldn't go over a certain line. We thought that after Gone Girl, she would be a stable actress but she's still not where she needs to be. We still love her though.💛

5. Vera Farmiga


She fascinated us mostly with her roles in The Departed and 'Up in the Air. She has a mature, self-confident acting style. Fortunately, thanks to The Conjuring series, we get to see her more, but she still deserves more.

6. Brit Marling


We see her in science fiction movies here and there. She also writes the screenplays of these films. She's a full talent but we haven't seen her in big movies yet.

7. Thandie Newton

She has great acting skills. We especially saw that in the movie Crash. She did more than amazing last year with her role in Westworld.

8. Rebecca Hall


We first saw her in The Prestige, but of course, she was overshadowed by Scarlett. Then we saw her in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, but again there was Scarlett. She then proved she was a great actress with movies like The Town, The Awakening, and The Gift. She did a great job with the movie Christine last year, even though it wasn't talked about that much.

9. Glenn Close


She became an icon with her role as Cruella, she's one of the great masters who has been nominated for the Oscars 6 times. Moreover, she received 5 of these nominations within 7 years. Her most legendary role is in Fatal Attractionagain  with  with . She has shown her skills once Albert Nobbs.

10. Jennifer Jason Leigh


We have a great respect for her with her role in The Hateful Eight. Everyone should recognize the value of this woman.

11. Emily Mortimer


That sad-faced woman of English movies. Since the 90s she has progressed down a certain line. If only she could have gone over that line a little more.

12. Carla Gugino


The woman who is always in the supporting role but still makes everyone love her.❤️

13. Catherine Keener


She usually plays the role of a cool woman. Even though she's not a big star, she always makes everyone like her.

14. Naomie Harris


After she caught out attention with her role in 28 days later, she continued to rise with her role as Tia Dalma in The Pirates of the Caribbean. Then she stopped being so great for some time and reminded us all how great she was with her role in the Moonlight. She'll be where deserves to be in a few years.

15. Maggie Gyllenhaal


We usually see her in 'soft' roles. But she should've aimed to play the big roles like her young brother, Jake.

16. Annette Bening


She was nominated for an Oscar 4 times with The Grifters, American Beauty, Being Julia, and The Kids Are All Right but her name is still not known much. She was particularly great in The Kids Are All Right.

17. Claire Danes


The beautiful woman who had an amazing chemistry with Leo in Romeo and Juliet and was at the center of attention with her role in Stardust but still couldn't do much. But we know how good of an actress she is with her roles in Temple Grandin and Homeland.

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