16 Signs Showing Sagittarius Is the Coolest Of All The 12 Star Signs

> 16 Signs Showing Sagittarius Is the Coolest Of All The 12 Star Signs

1. They are fairy godmothers.

When they care about someone, they give their all to that

person. They put themselves in the second place.

2. They seem cold and cautious to the people they meet for the first time.

They seem even colder if they are in a crowded place. Thus,

they always hear the following sentence from those who they get closer with

after some time: “You were very cold when I first got to know you, but you are

so different now.”

3. It is the most changeful sign of the fire signs.

They can call what they call ‘white’ today, black tomorrow;

if they have a valid reason or are convinced.

4. They are mostly lucky. Their life is full of abundancy and fruitfulness.

However, they have to potential to turn things the other way

around by spending irresponsibly and make the money fly. Because they are

terribly generous and love sharing, they might find themselves in a jam, but

their luck is always on their side.

5. They dislike unnecessary intimacy and pertness.

They hate when the people they have just met act like their

best friends. They are sincere but civilized.

6. They are brave.

They can fearlessly take on the things that most people are

too scared to do.

7. They love having fun.

They are energetic and into night life. You can never tell

where they will end up once they are free.

8. They are sharp wits.

They cannot stand the people who reach their right ear

with their left hand. They always work things out with short-cuts and


9. They are good listeners.

Unlike most of the people, they do not act like they are listening and make empty comments, or interrupt when someone is talking. They listen to people until the end and until they are bored.

10. However, they can’t stand people who just blabber.

They will not put up with people who talk on and on about irrelevant things for hours and conclude the topic in an absolutely stupid way.

They pretend to be listening. However they think about if they left the window open at home or the stupid things they have said during another conversation.

11. Their carelessness and clumsiness is just adorable.

They can pour with one hand and spill with the other one,

because they have attention problems.

12. They attract attention when they enter somewhere.

If there is a Sagittarius walks in, you notice them

immediately. All eyes and heads turn to them.

13. They are talented.

If they set their minds to do something, there is no way

they can’t succeed.

14. They put smart-asses in their place with their knowledge.

Sagittarius-born people are the ones who you can trust to

handle the smart alecks. They will put the smarty-pants in their place

immediately. Nobody can race with them in the repartee department.

15. They can be destructive when they are angry.

I am warning you, go and hide in your corner when they are


16. All in all, their smile is priceless and they are the sweetest. They are the best ever. :)

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