16 Most Stylish Movie&TV Characters!


These fellas wrote the book on looking good. Many of them inspired us with their fashionable looks.

Here are the 16 most stylish characters of cinema history:

1. Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)


Jay does not owe his looks to his money. He is a first class stylish man.

2. Persephone (Matrix)


Okay, we're talking about Monica Belluci here. She can look good in basically anything. However, when her beauty meets with Matrix's unique universe, it reaches another level.

3. Dickie Greenleaf (Talented Mr. Ripley)


Jealousy bells are ringing! If you've seen this movie, you know what we're talking about. Even Jude Law alone is enough to make us go crazy about Greenleaf's style.

4. Gretta (Begin Again)


You shouldn't expect less from a beautiful character who is into music. Added up with Knightley's tiny figure, style of Gretta made our list.

5. James Bond


He is James Bond. Is there anything left to say?

6. Catherine Tramell (Basic Instinct)


It's a talent to look this good, even if you have blood all over your clothes. This attractive style has also caught all the detectives' attention. You know what I mean.

7. Sydney Prosser (American Hustle)


Amy Adams meets with 70's groovy fashion. Look, isn't she adorable? 😍

8. Jacob Palmer (Crazy, Stupid, Love.)


Two words. Eleven letters. Ryan Gosling. He is also wearing a suit. That's more than enough.

9. Summer Finn ((500) Days of Summer)


Although Summer made our Tom blue, her blue dresses made us happy throughout the movie. 👍

10. If there are masculine touches in fashion today...


It's because of Annie Hall.


According to critics, Annie Hall was Woody Allen's best movie. Annie, who was played by Diane Keaton, is one of our favorite stylish characters of history.

11. Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

You don't expect someone this cool to look bad in something he wore. Tyler has a signature style that adds up to his charisma.

12. Adaline Bowman (The Age of Adaline)

We already know how stylish Lively can be from Gossip Girl. She recently stole her hearts again with Adaline. If you're playing an immortal character you'll eventually become a style icon, that's no surprise.

13. Bonnie Parker (Bonnie and Clyde)


Faye Dunaway is a beautiful woman whose iconic style impressed many with her role in Bonnie and Clyde.

14. Andy Sachs (Devil Wears Prada)

No one is a natural born style icon. Andy has showed this to at her first day at the job. However, no one can forget the style icon she became at the end.

15. Miranda Priestly (Devil Wears Prada)


Andy owes everything to Miranda, the fashion goddess. 😈

16. Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany's)


Holly Golightly is the queen of all the stylish movie characters. Forget about all the books on fashion and style. Just follow the queen and you're good to go. 😇❤

TV Bonus: Don Draper (Mad Men)


Don Draper is the answer to how one could kill with his looks.

Tv Bonus 2: Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)


Barney Stinson won't hesitate to sleep in his suit. He obsessively cares about his looks. Suit up everyone! 😊

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