15 Details To Note About Mr.Robot Before The 2nd Season Starts!

> 15 Details To Note About Mr.Robot Before The 2nd Season Starts!

Season 2 of Mr.Robot is here!! Are you ready?? Here are 15 details about the show for the ultimate Mr. Robot fans!!

We tried to avoid spoilers as much as possible while creating this list!

1. Each episode name ends with a different video file extension.

Each episode name contains info about the episode number and details about that specific episode.

Example: eps1.6v1ew-s0urce.flv

2. Rami Malek, who plays the main character Elliot on the show, auditioned for this role because Sam Esmail's girlfriend insisted.

3. Evil Corp's logo is pretty similar to letter E on DELL's logo.

4. All the main characters on the show took courses on hacking and computer security.

Rami Malek even took courses on using the keyboard faster so that his character could be more realistically represented.

5. Elliot has a fish named QWERTY.

Which stands for the first 6 letters on the top left corner of the keyboard.

6. The show has many significant Pink Floyd references.

On one episode, Elliot names a CD after Pink Floyd's famous album Wish You Were Here. On another episode, we see that he has a mug with Dark Side of the Moon written on it. It is even possible to see Elliot talking about Pink Floyd on an another episode.

7. The show is filmed in Manhattan, Coney Island and Kensington, Brooklyn.

8. The programming languages Elliot and Darlene are using are Python and Ruby.

9. Mr. Robot's logo deliberately imitates the famous video game company SEGA.

In order to make the logo similar, SEGA's font Yagi Double is used.

10. Rami Malek is only 11 years younger than Christian Slater, who plays his dad on the show!

11. Tyrell Wellick and his wife Joanna are not speaking in the same language.

While Tyrell is speaking in Swedish, his wife is replying in Danish.

12. As the drug dealer Fernando Vera is talking to Elliot, he mentions that their names have the same meaning on one episode.

In reality, the actor's actual name is Elliot.

13. fsociety is highly inspired by the hacktivist (hacker activist) group Anonymous.

Anonymous shares similar intentions with fsociety. They are known for using masks in their videos where they threaten global capitalist companies.

14. Sam Esmail, writer, director and producer of the show, can be seen in the first episode where Elliot runs into Mr. Robot on the train.

The one who stands in the right top corner, chewing gum, with glasses!


If you don't want to find out, you should stop reading now.

On the last episode of the first season, for the first time ever Joanna Wellick's words are not translated. All that we know is Elliot is unable to understand those words...

After Elliot states that he is looking for Tyrell Wellick, Joanna replies in Danish:

If you did something to him, I'll kill you!

BONUS: There are two extra episodes this season!!!

BONUS: There are two extra episodes this season!!!

Producers of the show announced that this season there will be 12 episodes. This means that we get more Mr.Robot than last season!!