15 Advantages Of Having A Jealous Partner


Jealousy is always bad in relationships, but you can still make the best of a jealous partner. Here are 15 nice advantages.

1. You don’t go crazy thinking what to wear for a date.

2. Your wardrobe has a lot of similar items now, and it’s easier to choose what to wear.

3. You can just roll out of bed and go out like that; they’ll be pleased even more.

4. You start organizing your thoughts, and become more detail oriented.

5. You easily go through things that others deem to be hard.

6. Your private life becomes much more planned and organized.

7. Your ‘cousin’ count increases drastically.

Babe that was just my cousin! I swear.

8. You are always protected against abuse or weird stares.

9. You don’t use public transportation as often as you used to.

Because it’s crowded and people might look at you.

10. They will start doing many things for you.

I'll handle the bills babe, it's ok.

11. Your mind gets very creative to avoid any unwanted situations.

12. You start using your time much more efficiently.

Honey I’ll be there around 8, leave by 9:30 and stop by my aunt's house. I’ll be at home by 11pm, shower, and get in bed by 12. I’ll call you, I swear!

13. You create stronger, more complex passwords.

14. Your social media life fades away slowly.

15. You are protected against extreme tanning because you can’t wear a anymore.

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