14 Things Waiting for The People Stuck in Their Small World


The world is so huge that even if you decide to see every single place, your whole lifetime won’t be enough. Still, you may believe it’s better to see as much as you can, which means you’re on a good path. On the other hand, there are people who are stuck in their small worlds, which is scary.

Even though you can’t visit the entire world, you should know that the world is much bigger than your surrounding area. Go, see, explore, learn. And do as much you can.

Here’s what is going to happen if you get stuck in your little world...

1. The number of people you know will be limited

Wherever you go, you’ll start to see the same faces after a while.

2. First, your personal development will slow down and then stop altogether.

Talking with the same people on the same topics and dealing with the things happening only around you will have an adverse effect on your personal and humanistic development.

3. You’ll become an introvert over time.

Because your environment won’t be enough for you after a while, the feeling of needing to see new places will push you to become withdrawn.

4. You’ll feel an emptiness which you can’t fill with any other thing

Day after day, a growing emptiness which you don’t understand, which your limited environment is not enough to fill.

5. Even in your happiest moments, you won’t be able to stop the feeling that “there’s something missing.”

It’s the feeling of incompleteness.

6. Your emotions will reach a point, and then become stagnant.

You’ll lack many emotions. The satisfaction you get from your little world will also be small.

7. You’ll never get to live life on the edges.

You’ll never know the feeling of climbing a mountain, skiing, paragliding, or getting stuck in a desert. Okay, maybe these are extreme examples, but you’ll never get the pleasure to talk with someone who speaks another language.

8. You’ll waste your time listening to the same problems, but in different versions.

The things that happen in your limited environment will be the same all the time, the cast will just be different. You’ll listen the same break up story, just from different people.

9. With a safe, familiar, comfy and small environment, you may become a dull and/or closed-minded person.

Having conversations with people you know over the same topics in the places you have already been hundreds of times will dry you up over time.

10. Having different perspectives will become a taboo for you.

Since you’re so far away from the things that can help you gain new perspectives, your comments and assessments will come from the same frame all the time.

11. Actually, your whole perspective will get lost.

You’ll become incapable of commenting on any problem which is not familiar to you. Because you just don’t know, you never had a discussion on it, and never faced something similar to it.

12. You’ll become a “boyfriend/girlfriend recycling plant”

You will be getting back together with your exes without any new person coming into your life. You don’t have someone new after all, right?

13. There will be no private life for you.

Even though you’ll try to keep things private, people will learn what you’re doing in that tiny environment you’re living in. Your private life will become something everyone knows.

14. After a while, you’ll lose the desire to explore, see and experience new things

Getting out of your comfort zone will get harder day by day. This secure habit you have will trigger the anxiety towards experiencing different things. One day you’ll realize how late you are to change it.

Bonus- Get into action before it’s too late, search for ways to expand your little world.

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