13 Guaranteed Simple Ways To Be A More Impressive Person!


A first impression is key to attract people, and as the name suggests, it happens in the first few minutes. In order to be much more impressive and attractive, follow these 13 steps. They are of course not very easy but the thing is you need to be more and not overdo any of them anyway.

1. Have confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will. But don’t exaggerate it to a point that you become a know-it-all, egotistic asshole.


2. Smile more.

Don’t smile at everything, of course. Smiling moderately will make you look more confident.

3. Fix your posture. With a bad posture, you look tired, cheerless, and sad. And that doesn’t make you very impressive or attractive.


Just start with standing up straight!

4. Be realistic. If you’ve been living in a fantasy world and couldn’t make any of your dreams come true, start thinking about your dreams and set yourself reasonable goals.

Your realistic attitude will also make people around you trust you more.

5. Be generous. When sharing your food or tipping at a restaurant, don’t be a rude penny-pincher.


But of course, don’t go around throwing money around to look impressive. That’s not cool either.

6. Don’t avoid making eye contact. It shows your self confidence, as well as your respect for the other person.


But of course, don’t stare at them creepily. That’ll scare them away.

7. A simple handshake says a lot about your personality, confidence, and mood. So try to make it firm at all times.


8. Avoid being talkative. Don’t be completely silent either, but talking without a break is a really unattractive behavior.


9. Have an idea about what’s going on in the world? Don’t be a smartass either, but when someone talks about recent news, at least have an idea what they’re talking about so you don’t look ignorant or indifferent.


10. Have a signature scent. The sense of smell trigger memories, so choose a perfume that you want to be identified with.


11. Communicate naturally. Trying to draw attention relentlessly and purposely at all times would not give you the attention you ask for. People would only think you’re pathetic.

12. Be a little mysterious. Don’t reveal all your secrets to everyone everywhere. But don’t be uncommunicative either. Don’t avoid talking about yourself.


13. Even if you spend 3 hours in front of a mirror on your looks everyday, try to make yourself look natural. Give that “I just wear whatever fits, everything looks good on me” impression.

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