13 Super Delicious Examples Of The "Art Of Plating"


The "Art of Plating" is a minimal exhibition technique for food. All of the ingredients on these plates are designed like modern art paintings. 

This movement is going crazy on sites like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. 

Want some inspiration?

1. Simplicity is the first rule.


As you can see, all the things on this plate create a minimalist harmony.

2. Second rule: Vivid colors.


Contrast colors, red and green, are used on this plate.

3. Edible flowers are a must.


The art of plating uses edible flowers occasionally.

Though these flowers are mainly for decoration, you can totally eat them if you want.

4. Symmetry is essential.


These plates are crafted goods. It probably takes around 20 mins to prepare one single plate.

5. Where there is symmetry, there is asymmetry.


When they exhibited this quail, they only used the left side of the plate.

So cute!

6. This plate has an order for different dishes.


Meat, sauce and potatoes... All in one place!

7. Expensive ingredients are not a problem.


You don't necessarily need caviar for the art of plating. However, rare ingredients always gain attention.

8. Micro everything <3


In order to create harmonious compositions, every ingredient is used in small portions.

9. Creating a harmony between colors is really important.


Like this color coded plate...

10. Creating dimensional compositions is also important.


This is to add some movement to the plate.

11. Another important feature is the main theme of the plate.


Here, you can see a serving of calamari with ink sauce.

This plate exhibits the elements of undersea.

12. Sure, there are unexpected surprises.


If things are not minimalistic on your plate, prepared to get surprised.

13. In short, the art of plating does everything to make our eyes and tummies happy.


These beauties deserve an applause!

We also congratulate the artists behind them.

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