etiket 13 Reasons Why You Should Move Out Of Your Parents’ House Before You’re 30

> 13 Reasons Why You Should Move Out Of Your Parents’ House Before You’re 30

If you graduated college and still living with your parents, you better reconsider your choices in life. And start with considering moving out, because, well, you’ll learn a lot. Here’s why.

1. You’ll be a lot stronger when you’re on your own, and you’ll definitely feel it.

2. You’ll get to know yourself better and figure out your own potential if you stand on your own feet.

3. Taking responsibility will give you valuable experiences that’ll guide you in your life a lot better than when you’re living with your parents and expecting everything from them.

4. You’ll be shy and nervous at first, but don’t worry. You’ll soon figure out how to overcome your own fears.

5. Let’s face it, you’ll have to be on your own someday anyway. So, the sooner the better. Do it now rather than doing it later, when you really really have to.

6. You’ll make your own decisions, so there’ll be no one around to blame for what happens to you. This may sound scary, but in fact, it’ll help you to make a lot more accurate decisions in time.

7. You’ll learn the true value of a dollar sooner. But you’ll also learn that money's not everything.

8. I bet you’re arguing almost everyday with your parents when you’re living together. When you move out, you’ll realize how much you actually love them and need them when you’re in trouble.

9. You’ll have to solve your own problems, and that will make you a kick-ass person, in every sense.

10. It will be up to you to decide what you actually need or desire, and nobody will stand in your way to fulfill them.

11. The longer you live with your parents, the weaker your reflexes against life become. So by leaving their house early, you’ll be able to prevent this from happening.

12. You’ll learn the true value of sharing. And maybe you’ll even pick somebody to share your life with.

13. OMG, you’ll be FREE! Do you need any more reasons, seriously?

Your parents don’t want you anymore anyway. You really shouldn’t wait to be told this. Just get out, will you. Give them some space.