13 Celebrities Showing That Beauty Is Way Beyond The Standards!


We tend to associate being successful and being good looking as a full package. However, there are some stars that could prove exactly the opposite. The following 13 celebrities confirm that personality, talent, and passion are way more important in order to become successful!

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1. Tilda Swinton


"I always knew I wasn’t good looking, and it’s a huge advantage. All my pretty friends started to trade their looks at some point. And I’m not only talking about sex. They always remember they’ve got fair hair, blue eyes, plush lips, and they should act accordingly. It’s a lot of pressure, from which I was relieved."

2. Hugh Laurie


Hugh Laurie considers himself as being far away from perfectly handsome. However, he also claims that actors should not pay attention to their looks that much. As he puts it in his own words, "until actors shine like Christmas lights, viewers won’t be able to see the real cinema."

3. Eva Green


Up until now, Eva Green wasn't a reflection of the traditional beauty. However, she was eventually noticed for her unique looks and talent.

"In Los Angeles, I feel like the ugly duckling, like I’m from Venus or something," said Eva to British InStyle."

4. Benedict Cumberbatch


Benedict compares his face to alphabet's consonants... According to Benedict, his face is hard, angular and nervous.

"At first I was afraid I’d be left out, but in time I realized the place I’m at right now can only be deserved with skill. And I thank providence for giving me this clue because I began working hard and success eventually came!"

5. Björk


"I don’t like myself only when I’m tired. If you show me two pictures with one of me being ugly and the other of me exhausted, I’ll only be worried about the latter."

6. Daniel Craig


When Daniel Craig was announced as the new James Bond, the fans criticized the producers for picking Craig. However, eventually, Daniel proved them all wrong with his outstanding acting skills. He also became the highest paid James Bond ever.

7. Cate Blanchett


The most beautiful elf lady in the world was once teased by her friends and was called names like "toad" or "maypole" for her big mouth. She thought that she had tiny eyes and big ears. 

“Over the years, I stopped thinking too much about myself and my looks. Aging is a natural and fascinating part of our development.”

8. Vincent Cassel


Vincent Cassel can be the most charismatic villain out there! His performances are so good that you can't help but feel a sympathy towards them!

9. Hilary Swank


Hillary Swank doesn't hesitate for a second when it comes to changing her looks or going out in public. She jokes that her best roles were those where she's not much of woman.

"I was 16, and I’ll confess that at the time I was taking it hard that I wasn’t a girl, a kid anymore, but a young woman. That I should look and act so that others liked me so that I achieved success. All that made me so anxious."

10. Javier Bardem


Due to his rugged looks, Javier Bardem is usually considered a tough guy. However, in reality, he is extremely delicate and shy. Below, Javier shares this comment on his looks:

"When I see myself on a magazine cover, I realize the world has gone crazy,"

11. Chloë Sevigny


Chloë became well known for her role of Jennie in the 1995 movie Kids. People immediately fell in love with her temper. 

"I’m not your classic beauty, and I think girls shouldn’t strive to be perfect."

12. Jim Roth


Tim makes an honest comment about his looks: “I’m a very unsightly person,“ or ”Let’s admit I’m not Brad Pitt."

13. Sarah Jessica Parker


Sarah is aware of the fact that her beauty isn't a regular one. However, she is not worried about this at all as she is a confident and successful woman:

"I try to dress appropriately for my age, and I’m a realist about what I look like. If those physical things were my insecurities, I’d be thrilled. What wonderful problems. My insecurities are more substantial than that. I worry first and foremost about my children and their health. My husband and his. I worry about what work opportunities will come up."

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