13 Cartoon Network Shows That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

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Cartoon Network always gives us a nostalgic feeling. It is the channel that we all grew up watching. From "Tom and Jerry" to "The Powerpuff Girls", we have all been obsessed with at least one show on Cartoon Network. Young or old, every generation who watched CN will surely have a different answer when asked about their all-time favorite show.

But what are the best CN shows? Here are 14 of the best cartoon network shows of all time!

1. Courage the Cowardly Dog

If you remember any strange show on Cartoon Network, I think Courage the Cowardly dog is one to come up on the list, which started to air in 1996.This show is about an uber-paranoid dog who lives in a house in the middle of nowhere with his owner, Muriel, and Eustace. Every episode, there is a strange entity visiting courage's home: ghosts, curses, demons, and zombies, but the owner seems not to notice. Courage has to face his fears to banish these strange entities from their home.

2. Tom and Jerry

One of the oldest cartoons is Tom and Jerry, which aired in 1965. It is about a long-time enemy, a cat (Tom), and a mouse (Jerry). They have a love and hate relationship.In some episodes, Tom is tasked to get rid of the house mouse, Jerry. Despite Tom's quick reflexes and smart strategies, Jerry always outsmarted and outplayed him in almost every episode. Sometimes these two will discard their rivalries in order to pursue a common goal that will benefit them.

3. Johnny Bravo


The classic Johny Bravo first aired in 1996. The cartoon revolves around Johnny, a man that looks like King Elvis Presley with shades and blonde hair. As a kid, you don't get the jokes often filled with adult humor.Johnny tries to be showy to women in every episode, wanting to earn their love and attention but is often sidetracked and ignored. He makes up excuses every time he fails in trying to flirt with a woman but does it anyway in every other episode.

4. Adventure Time

One of the best modern cartoons aired in 2010 is Adventure Time. Everyone who asks what to watch on Cartoon Network will surely have this on their list.It is a fantasy cartoon featuring Finn the human and Jake the dog. The adventure of Finn and Jake is to keep the Land of Ooo from being taken over by evil entities. Adventure time also contains a different type of princess, a vampire, and a cold king to spice up their adventure.

5. Teen Titans

If you like comic superheroes, this will be the top of your cartoon pick. Teen Titans first aired in 2003. One of the notable characters is Robin, who is Batman's most popular sidekick. It features a group of teens who formed a team and resided in a secret tower to fight evil and protect the city.There are episodes that are mainly focused on the character development of one of the members of the group. It is very popular because of its humor, too.

6. The Power Puff Girls

"Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice" is the most notable line in this beloved cartoon classic. It is about three little girls who are created to be daughters of a scientist, but something unfortunate happens, and the girls have superpowers.They mostly spend their time fighting crime in Townsville. They fight mostly Mojo Jojo, their ultimate nemesis, but there are other villains in the Power Puff Girls universe. There is a possibility that you tried to know which one are you: Blossom, Bubbles, or Buttercup.

7. Steven Universe

The first Cartoon Network show that is created by one woman, Rebecca Sugar. This is not the only achievement Steven Universe has claimed. It features the character Steven, who has PTSD. It is also the first one to show gay marriage and all their superheroes in the series.The show centers around Steven, who is a half-human who is in the adolescence phase. Steven is raised by an extraterrestrial humanoid called Crystal Gems. The more Steven spends his time together with the gems, the more powerful he gets every time.

8. Ed, Edd, and Eddy

In an early 2000s cartoon, every kid who watched Ed, Edd, and Eddy will remember the jawbreaker. They put a prank on everyone else in the series. Even if they have almost the same names, they have different personalitiesLet's start with Ed, who is the weakest link of the three. Next is Eddy, who has the ideas for these pranks. Lastly, Edd is the leader of the three. Not only is the jawbreaker the most remembered part of the show, but who will forget Johnny and his board friend, Planck.

9. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Another show that gave us a dash of dark humor and weirdness. The Grim Adventures of Bily and Mandy revolves around Billy, a little bit of a dumb kid, and a cold-hearted Mandy. They forced the grim reaper to be their best friend for life when they made a bet with Grim.At first, Grim did not like the situation and even plotted to kill the kids but eventually, he became comfortable with them, and that was the start of their adventures.

Codename: Kids Next Door

It is one of the most memorable cartoons of all time, maybe because of the amazing acronym of their operation or the hi-tech gadgets they use in their operation in the treehouse.The show revolves around a group of kids of different races. 1 who is the British Kid, 2 the German Kid, 3 the Japanese American, 4 the Australian American kid, and lastly 5 who is the African American. Their operations are related to the nemesis of kids – homework, dentist appointments, and other things that kids hate. These operations made them relatable to the target viewers.

11. Ben 10

Aired in 2005, Ben 10 is the longest-running franchise on Cartoon Network, with different versions over the years. It spans 15 years, so different kinds of kids will watch Ben 10.The show is about Ben Tennyson, who, one night, on a camping trip with his uncle and cousin, witnessed a thing that landed near their campsite. Ben as a kid, tried to know what was in that thing. He then discovered the Omnitrix, which gives him powers to transform into different kinds of aliens and go on an adventure!

12. We Bare Bears

A show about three different species of bear and they have different personalities too. The loud Grizz, the shy Panda, and the silent Ice Bear. They settle in a nice little place in San Francisco Bay.The story focuses on how they deal comically with everyday life and shows how hard the millennial experience is. The most notable representation in the show is Panda which shows the Asian American experience – being addicted to boba and being a k-pop and k-drama fan.

13. The Amazing World of Gumball

One of the modern cartoons in the Cartoon Network lineup. It is applauded because of its dark and absurd humor. The audience also liked this Amazing World of Gumball because of its different art styles depending on the situation.The show revolves around the family of Gumball, who has their misadventures and shows real-life issues, including politics, but sometimes it ends up in life lessons. They also include commenting on the popular jokes of the time and other pop culture references.

So, if you're looking for a nostalgic trip down memory lane, be sure to check out these classic cartoon network shows. They'll have you laughing and reminiscing in no time! Which of these series is your favorite?

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