13 Amazing Celebrity Kitchens to Make You Jealous


We always wonder about our favorite celeb’s private lives, but have you ever wondered about their kitchens?

We compiled the best celebrity kitchens with the coolest decorations for you!

1. Roberto Cavalli

Cavalli’s kitchen in Florence is as beautiful as his designs! The most significant features of the Cavalli kitchen are the large table and the chef’s stove range.

2. Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad’s newly decorated kitchen in Beverly Hills has a vintage style. We just can’t stop dreaming about the delicious meals that comes out from this lovely all-white kitchen!

3. Kris Jenner

We can imagine how awesome things Kris Jenner cooks in her cozy kitchen filled with these gorgeous accessories.

4. Lady Gaga

Despite her crazy style, her house in Malibu is surprisingly traditional, but absolutely spectacular!

5. Sarah Jessica Parker

Looks like SJP preferred simple and plain designs to give her kitchen a modern look! Gorgeous!

6. Cameron Diaz

Designed by Kelly Wearstler, the best feature of Cameron Diaz’s kitchen is that the backsplash, countertops and sink are made from unlacquered brass which makes it much easier to clean.

7. Kesha

Kesha created a retro style kitchen with checkered floors and marble countertops.

8. Kate Moss

Kate Moss’s old west style kitchen with brick walls and ornate ceilings.. Absolutely stunning!

9. Anne Hathaway

We don’t know what could be better than Anne Hathaway’s Brooklyn kitchen with the view of the skyline. Don’t you think so?

10. Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan’s old fashioned, neat and shiny kitchen and its San Francisco city view is worth to see. Imagine living in this house!

11. Jennifer Aniston

Before moving to Los Angeles, Jennifer Aniston’s house in Beverly Hills had this lovely kitchen. Furniture made from walnut trees definitely creates a modern look!

12. Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler’s LA kitchen has the 1039s Mediterranean style, reflecting the perfect mix of old world details and contemporary design.

13. John Legend

John Legend’s New York kitchen has a luxurious design with exceptional details.

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