12 Scientific Facts Proving Blondes Were Always High In Demand!

12 Scientific Facts Proving Blondes Were Always High In Demand!

Yvette Darlene
June 12 2016 - 05:23pm

On the contrary to what society thinks, blondes are not stupid and science seems to be with us on this!

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1. It is a scientific fact that women who dye their hair blonde have more self-esteem than before.

2. It is also a widely accepted view that blondes are much better in bed.

36% of men prefer to sleep with blonde women, while the percentage of the men who prefer a brunette is 30%.

3. Most of the sex icons, such as Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, Grace Kelly, are blonde.

4. Blonde women look younger than they actually are.

This can bring both advantages and disadvantages, however for women, it looks more like an advantage. Scientist claim that blonde women look 23 until they turn 45. (Really now?)

5. It is also a scientific fact that blonde women were preferred more during the times that humans still lived in caves, because they were healthier and had a longer life expectancy; this was coded in our genes.
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6. They look more feminine.

Don't interpret this as a shallow expression like they are sexier, they like shopping more, etc. It is a research-proven fact that blonde women's estrogen levels are higher than brunettes.

7. This means that blonde women have more "feminine features."

Smaller nose, softer skin, less body hair etc.

8. Brunettes and gingers are jealous of blondes.

Nope, we aren't claiming this, research does. Blonde women are perceived most as 'unattainable' and the brunettes are perceived as easier. The jealousy is quite normal in this situation.

9. During the Paleolithic era, blonde women, who looked healthier and prettier than the brunettes, were always the first choice.

Because men died quite easily during wars and hunting, women were competing to attract the few numbers of men left. Blonde women won this competition most of the time. That's why it is also pretty understandable that this has been coded in our genes.

10. Blonde women are also more successful than their rivals in working life.

According to research conducted by Cornell University, brunette women, even though they were sexier and more attractive than the blondes, did not get as many tips as blonde women did.

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11. Blonde women know how to party!

Next time you go out, you will see that the women who have the most fun, laugh the most and are the most joyful are the blonde women. And it is also scientists' statement that women who don't go out or like partying, go through a shockingly big change after they dye their hair.

12. Research also proves that brunettes are more sensitive and rational, so go ahead and add "fun life" to the advantage list of blonde women.
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