12 Racist Statements Of Celebrities That Dissapointed Us


When celebrities who've reached fame and fortune with the support of their fans can't love them back without distinguishing their races, upsetting situations like this arise. Here are some celebrities who disappointed us with racist statements. Hopefully they will come to their senses and stop letting down their fans...

1. Mel Gibson, the famous racist of Hollywood. He doesn't back off or feel shame.


Gibson, who's a Catholic fanatic, accused Jews of being "killers of Christ." He didn't stop there though. He made hateful statements about African Americans too.

For this reason, he already lost a big part of his fan base.

2. Paris Hilton made it clear by saying "I can't stand black guys. I would never touch one. It's gross."


It's good that nobody expected a smart word to come out of her mouth. People weren't surprised, since Hilton already made hateful statements about gays before.

3. Charlie Sheen drunk called his ex-wife and left voicemails calling her a "f*** n***"


Funny thing is she's white.

4. Justin Bieber used the n word many times in a fight he got involved in.


He apologized afterwards and accepted that racism's not something you can forgive.

5. Shaquille O'Neal dissapointed everybody by treating Asians disrespectfully.


He made fun of people's language by saying "I have a message for him. He will understand it. Ching chung chong wah ah" to the player of the rival team. Making fun of other people's accent or language is not cool Shaquille.

6. Michael Richards ended his career by making fun of an African American with the n world during a stand up show.


He was booed off the stage and he went crazy. He said "Yes I said n***, let me tell you again he's a n***. 50 years ago we would have hanged you."


He didn't show up in any shows after this incident. He ended his career with his own ignorance.

7. Kelly Osbourne reacted to Trump's campaign by saying " If we send Mexicans back, who's gonna clean the toilets?"


Later on she tried to fix the situation by saying that she only tried to highlight the racism in Trump's campaign. But it was too late.

8. It breaks my heart, but our love Riri is in this list too.


You may not believe it but Rihanna called her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown's Vietnamese girlfriend a "Rice Cake."

"Birthday Cake" was the name of the song Chris Brown and Rihanna were featured in. She changed the word "birthday" to "rice"...

9. Our childhood hero Hulk Hogan creeped us out.


He made a statement like "I can sell a n*** like this to NBA for millions of dollars" for his African American opponent.

10. Iggy Azalea went apeshit crazy on Twitter.


She insulted African Americans, Asians and Indians many times. She claimed that they were all "jokes" and she was misunderstood, but looks like nobody believed her.

11. Seann Penn opened the envelope to give an Oscar to Mexican director Alejandro Iñárritu and said "Who gave a green card to this son of a b***?"


It was the worst joke ever. Pretty hurtful.

12. Azealia Banks attacked Zayn Malik on Twitter using words like "curry, brown, gay."


She apologized to him for it, but it's hard to take these kind of words back once they are out of your mouth...

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