11 Incredibly Rare Photos Of Historical Figures Proving They Weren’t Always Serious


They had serious jobs to do and they had to maintain their classy look since they were constantly in the public eye. But hey, everyone needs to let loose and have fun once in a while! Here are 11 historical figures embracing their inner child!!

Source: http://pulptastic.com/goofiest-photos-of...

1. Josef Stalin messing around

2. The very first Ronald McDonald clown.

3. The first male cheerleader in Denver Broncos history, Robin Williams.

4. Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger dancing at the Cannes Film Festival.

5. President Ford Trying to prove his soccer skills to Pelé.

6. Marilyn Monroe staying fabulous even while acting silly.

7. Dalai Lama, he still looks serious.

8. Ernest Hemingway kicking a can of beer.

9. Paul Verhoeven giving a cute kiss to Arnold Schwarzenegger on the set of Total Recall.

10. The Beatles and Muhammad Ali.

11. Adriano Celentano while imitating Jerry Lewis.

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