11 Celebrities Who Certainly Have A "Type" When It Comes To Dating!


When it comes to dating, some of us enjoy having some standards. The standards in this piece do not mean personality traits but rather a physical appearance.

Although the reasons are not completely clear, some celebrities enjoy dating people who actually resemble one another. Here's a list of some of those celebrities...

1. It might seem like Tom Hardy got married to the same person 3 different times but those women are not the same.


Hardy's first wife was Sarah Ward, Rachel Speed, who is the mother of his first child, and his current wife Charlotte Riley. These women have something other than Hardy in common, they are all slant-eyed with small figures.

2. We can't tell the difference between Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriends!


All of these women are tall blondes with green or blue eyes. We can say that Leonardo has a distinctive style!

3. Adam Levine is just like Leonardo DiCaprio... He has a thing for Victoria's Secret models.


Adam Levine is currently married to Behati Prinsloo. Until these two got married Levine dated many different Victoria's Secret models.

4. Ian Somerhalder's current wife, Nikki Reed, and ex-girlfriend, Nina Dobrev, look just alike to one another.


5. Ethan Hawke had an affair with the babysitter of his children with Uma Thurman.


This woman looked exactly like Uma Thurman, don't you think? Nevertheless, she doesn't have a charm like Uma Thurman's...

6. Marc Antony just found himself a new Jennifer Lopez!


Marc Antony's new girlfriend is a model. She's 15 years younger than J.Lo and probably looking for her own successful career.

7. Lenny Kravitz's ex-wife just updated to a new version of him.

When she got divorced from Kravitz and started dating Jason Momoa, she just found a new and taller version of Kravitz.

8. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might be history but Cruise is still looking for someone like Katie.


It is rumored that Cruise is having an affair with his assistant. When they made a public appearance together, the first thing that caught our eye is her resemblance to Katie Holmes.

9. After getting divorced from Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin started dating Annabelle Wallis.


The resemblance between these two women's dresses increases the similarities even more.

10. When it comes to dating, it is obvious that Katy Perry has a signature "style!"


Katy Perry enjoys brunettes with rectangular facial features. The resemblance between Russel Brand, John Mayer, and Orlando Bloom is WEIRD.

11. When Gigi Hadid broke up with Zayn Malik, she found relief in the arms of Joe Jonas.


It was also rumored that Jonas imitated Zayn's style. Consequently, Gigi couldn't help herself and reunited with Zayn after dating Joe Jonas for a while.

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