11 Celebrities Guarded So Hard You Wouldn't Even Dare To Walk Pass By Them

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We love and cherish them but not all of us are chill. Some fans are so obsessed with the celebrities so they feel like they should be protected. Also don't forget the paparazzis. Here are 11 celebrities with high security and huge bodyguards...

1. Beyoncé and Jay-Z

This couple has been attacked many times by their fans. During their On The Run tour, a fan got on the stage and celebrities got scared so they tightened their security measurements. On the concerts, they are protected by 500 bodyguards and in the mean time 300 people watch the show among the audience. Also they are secured by 3 bodyguards wherever they go for 24/7.

2. Tom Cruise

Did you know that Tom Cruise is one of the web's most searched people? Mark "Billy" Billingham who is a former sniper and a SWAT officer, protects Tom Cruise all the time with his team.

3. Angelina Jolie

Angelina's previous bodyguard was again Mark "Billy" Billingham before he was Tom Cruise's bodyguard. Now, she pays 2 million dollars for her security. 3 bodyguards are with her all the time. They even protected the actress through her divorce with Brad Pitt.

4. Rihanna

Who doesn't love Rihanna right? Because of that she has many many fans but not all of them are chill. In the official events, she has 5 bodyguards but in the daily life she walks with 2 of them. She is very friendly with her bodyguards. They carry her on their backs when she is tired or when it's snowing.

5. Kendrick Lamar

Normally, he doesn't prefer to be seen in public but when he does, oh my! Just run the other way if you see Kendrick because look at that huge man. And he is secured by 3 of them.

6. Lady Gaga

A star is born but she needs protection. She is surrounded by 4 men all the time. When the fans run against her for an autograph, bodyguards stop them immediately. So act chill if you see her. Also she choses her bodyguards from good looking men. For example, Pete van der Veen, was a bodybuilder and he looks handsome all the time while protecting Gaga.

7. David and Victoria Beckham

The power couple always with their bodyguards. For example they pick up their sons from school with bulletproof cars full of bodyguards in them. David Beckham says he wants to walk with his family without people surrounding them but also adds that his family always comes first.

8. Britney Spears

Not only fans but also paparazzis are in danger if they seek Britney because her bodyguards will immediately offset the danger. In 2014, she was so scared that her ex-boyfriends was stalking her so she tightened up the security. But her employees says that she is very hard to work with.

9. Jennifer Aniston

Maybe everyone is seeking for her secret to not getting old in all these years? Because she is always well-protected by her bodyguards. When she is on the streets, she is with 3 male shadows watching her like a hawk.

10. Drake

Her bodyguards are ready to do anything when it comes to protect the famous rapper. They even will fight you to the bone if you're a danger. After his conflict with Kanye West, his security system grew bigger and bigger. I'm talking bulletproof cars bigger guys!

11. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Robberies, feuds, anticipation by many people... It is not surprising to see them with walking huge men. Annually, their security coast them about 1.5 million dolar. And yes, they are also traveling with a bulletproof cars.

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