10 Tips to Level Up Quickly in God of War: Ragnarok - Boost Your Progress!

10 Tips to Level Up Quickly in God of War: Ragnarok - Boost Your Progress!

Kimjun Demo
November 17 2022 - 11:56am

In God of War Ragnarok, leveling up requires either upgrading your gear, donning uncommon pieces of armor with high power levels, or both. Continue reading to find out how to quickly raise your level as well as the actions you can take.

God of War Ragnarok, Elden Ring's rival for game of the year 2022, was released on November 9th and is already playing fantastically. Given that both games are groundbreaking masterpieces that have captured the respect and attention of many gamers, it is impossible to predict who would win.

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GoW Ragnarok has a distinctive leveling system that combines several techniques, much the same as God of War (2018). In contrast to equipping and upgrading things, which raises Kratos' level altogether, experience points are directly applied to abilities and runic attacks.

Kratos will gain strength throughout the path of God of War Ragnarok, enabling him to face increasingly challenging dangers and situations. Although it contains recognizable components like leveling up and skill trees, it differs from most other games in several ways.


Hacksilver, is what keeps things moving in In God of War Ragnarok. To create and upgrade the toughest gear, you're going to need as much hacksilver as you can acquire.

Stones that replenish Kratos' health and rage meters are among the many goodies that adversaries in God of War Ragnarok drop. On occasion, after a combat, you may discover Hacksilver on an enemy's corpse. Although these drops are by no means guaranteed, the more and more powerful the foes you defeat, the more probable it is that you will discover Hacksilver in their corpses. God of War Ragnarok, however, lacks any actual designated Hacksilver farming locations due to the way the game handles spawning. Nevertheless, this shouldn't deter you. There will never be a scarcity of money if you simply keep purging the Nine Realms of monsters.

Players must open every chest they come across because doing so will give Kratos additional hacksilver. When a player wishes to increase their gear to the maximum level after the game, which costs far more money than they likely have, hacksilver will become even more crucial.

Breaking any pots or crates the player sees gathered in a corner of an area is a smart idea because there's a chance they'll find extra hacksilver if they do. The game's currency, known as Hacksilver, is essential for upgrading up Kratos' armor and equipment.

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Continually Seek Out the Best Armor and Enhance It

As they are purchased, equipped, and improved your Waist Armor, Chest Armor and Wrist Armor all raise your excellent base. Wrist and waist armor upgrades raise your level almost as much as shield upgrades while increasing your chest armor is comparable to upgrading a weapon.

Depending on their preferred playing style, players will probably have to figure out what kind of armor they require. Every piece of armor offers unique benefits, including unique powers and varied stat boosts. Through numerous side tasks, players can get some of the best equipment they can make in Guild Wars, which speeds up Kratos' leveling.

When the player reaches a particular point in the game, other ones will either emerge in the shop or can be located across the globe. It is wise to regularly upgrade Kratos's armor, no matter what he or she is currently donning, as this will have the biggest impact on Kratos's total numbers.

Be Sure to Collect Artifacts

God of War Ragnarok Artifacts are a good way to earn Hacksilver and are items you'll need to discover to complete the game with a perfect score. This means that in addition to giving you knowledge of Norse mythology, they'll also help you finish the game's levels, and you may earn Hacksilver by selling them.

When a player finds an artifact, their experience points are probably increased, therefore if they want to gain as much bonus experience as possible, they should thoroughly explore the area they are in.

All discovered artifacts can be bought at the shop for hacksilver, which can be utilized to enhance Kratos's armor, weapons, and weapon upgrades. In addition to giving the player experience points, this also allows them to sell all of the artifacts they collect

Check out this article to learn about the locations of every artifact in Alfheim:

Never Trade In or Sell Crafting Equipment

Several players could undertake the error of selling any crafting supplies and resources they collect that they don't genuinely intend to use. This isn't a bad concept for more basic materials that the player may get from stores, but some of them might be necessary for a specific armor piece that the player wants to increase in the future.

Dwarven steel, for instance, could not be very useful to the player and can be acquired later in the store. Asgardian ingots, on the other hand, are significantly more uncommon and can never be purchased in stores. Every Asgardian ingot a player possesses should be kept because it's possible they'll use them to upgrade things later.

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New Weapon Attachments, Amulets, and Relics

You can defeat the difficult bosses in God of War Ragnarok by using one of the many different types of weapons, armor, and gear available. Although you are familiar with the standard weapons and equipment from God of War (2018), there are some new items that you would like to investigate. For instance, you can equip and employ a variety of Relics in combat. 

Players should just not disregard weapon attachments and relics in favor of armor because both contribute to Kratos' overall stats. The more these artifacts and weapon attachments are updated, the more powerful and leveled they become.

This is good for improving their stats and giving them special talents, which they may use to fight, an additional boost. Players ought to look for amulets that give additional benefits because they can change the course of a game. The majority of the time, three of a set must be equipped by the player in order to fully unlock all of the amulets' functions, while some are stand-alone.

Complete As Many Labors As You Can

In God of War Ragnarök, there is an in-game menu called Labours that keeps track of the quests and global secrets that Kratos and Atreus can uncover and complete. Labors are hidden in every realm. Making a specific suit of armor, for example, is simple in some cases. Some of these difficulties will follow you throughout the entire game. 

When a player develops a new skill, acquires a new item, encounters a new foe, or carries out a variety of other in-game actions, they are awarded labors, which are tasks. These Labors may be easily tracked on the menu and progress from Bronze to Silver to Gold, with the Gold reward signifying that the player has finished the labor.

The player gains experience points for each labor that is successfully completed. The ideal kind of work to do is to use a skill a set number of times because doing so enables the player to stack mod tokens, which have additional effects like higher stun or burn, onto the skill.

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Open Every Nornir Chest You Find

The Nornir chests are among the hardest chests for players to find. In order to uncover the treasure in these, Kratos typically needs to strike three distinct statues bearing identical runic patterns. Various obstacles must be overcome in order to open the chests, and occasionally it can be challenging to see or hit the tiny statues.

Given the difficulty of these, players shouldn't feel bad about looking out for internet instructions for each Nornir chest. Both the Apple of Idunn and the Horn of the Blood Mead are given to the player respectively, which grants the player more overall rage. As you increase the level of Kratos' powers, these are crucial goods that will make the game much simpler.

Idunn Apples, which boost your health meter, or Horns of Blood Mead are the two goods that Nornir Chests can grant, which increase your rage meter. Depending on the Nornir Chest you recently unlocked, the game will randomly choose which one to offer you. Therefore, even if you obtain the Nornir Chests in a different sequence, you will never acquire two Idunn Apples consecutively. You will require more of the resource for the next upgrade as your meters increase. You will therefore only need one of each the first time, but you will need two, three, and so on to further increase your health and rage.

Take On The Various Obstacles In Surtr's Gauntlet

In GoW Ragnarok at Muspelheim, Surtr's Gauntlet is back. However, players should be aware that they cannot go there until Kratos gets Draupnir, one of the strongest weapons in GoW Ragnarok.

These challenges can be quite challenging to finish, but if a player feels they are unable to finish one of them, they can try another one. Each time players finish a task, they receive rewards that include a variety of goods and experience points.

You can access the Muspelheim Impossible Challenges, also known as Surtr's Hidden Trials, after completing all of the Hard and Normal trials there and defeating the Valkyrie at the summit. In Muspelheim, you can only retake these trials.

Get Started With Every Favor

By conversing with NPCs you come across on your adventure, you can begin side tasks called favors. For information on how to access each favor, as well as its goals and rewards, continue reading. You will receive a variety of rewards for completing side quests, including upgrade materials, armor, and experience points. 

When Kratos and his buddy complete a favor, a side task in the games, they are always rewarded with experience points. Some side missions provide the highest rewards and aid in equipping the player with better gear so that Kratos can gain stat boosts that are more in line with their preferred playing style.

Even though the player will always earn more experience points, which is beneficial, there are many tasks that can seem tedious or worthless if no significant reward is provided throughout them or at the end.

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Read Each Rune You Come Across

There are numerous enormous stones in the game that have blue runic writing on them, which players may notice. It is recommended that players read every rune they come across because doing so awards them experience points each time.

The game has numerous runestones, thus players should always keep an eye out for them. Numerous of these runestones can also be discovered when completing various side missions, even some that are easier to bypass than others in the World of Warcraft.

Broken stones with a donut form are how shattered runes appear. They will be among the most prevalent but perplexing items you encounter in Ragnarok, particularly since it's not quite evident how to use them effectively. You'd think that anything like that would serve some type of significant purpose, but it doesn't. It appears that they were previously magic Runes, but catastrophic damage has made them inactive.

There isn't a single place where these enigmatic stones originate. It would be incorrect to single out one location as the best farming location since they may be located in numerous locations throughout the game. You can find them in barrels, dead foes' bodies, the occasional treasure chest, and other environmental storage areas. These are only a handful of the countless examples. In other words, Shattered Runes are really commonplace, arbitrary loot that can appear everywhere.

Playing normally should be sufficient to acquire a collection of them for your inventory if you simply carry on as normal.

God of War is not an exception to the standard gaming practice of leveling up. However, God of War manages to level in a slightly different manner than other games. Kratos' level is decided by the average quality of his equipment rather than the XP he gains from defeating opponents, accomplishing tasks, and leveling up at appropriate intervals. 

The PC version of God of War was launched on January 14, 2022, and is currently accessible on PS4 and PS5.

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