10 Reasons Why "I'll never hurt you." Is A Big Lie!

> 10 Reasons Why "I'll never hurt you." Is A Big Lie!

Relationships are based on trust, and in order for a relationship to survive, trust must never be lost. This isn't only valid for romances, but also for friendships and family relationships. 

Even when we interact with people that we don't know, we still rely on and need trust in order to feel comfortable. The more we trust somebody, the easier and faster we can open up.

At this point, we should remember how prone people are to making mistakes and hurting others. Therefore, we claim that the worst promise you can make to someone is 'I will never hurt you.'

1. The concept of 'hurting' is too general. If what you actually mean is "I won't make you cry until you run out of tears," you might be right.

We strongly advice you to be more specific and clear, and not to leave any room for doubt.

2. It is also a very subjective concept. You might think that there is nothing wrong with what you have done, and you would be perfectly fine with it if it was done to you, but it might be devastating for somebody else.

How smart do you think it is to personally interpret a concept that is different for everybody and makes promises by it?

3. Also, how realistic is it to think that you won't hurt your partner when sadness and pain are a part of love, by definition?

Are you living in a dream? S

4. The situations that lead to pain are necessary for a relationship to be stronger.

These are all necessary to put a relationship on the right track. Why would you avoid fighting? Are you only looking for a short-term relationship?

5. What matters is your attitude after hurting your significant other, not 'not hurting' them.

Have you ever heard of something called 'patching things up', or 'making amends'? That's exactly what we are talking about.

6. Nobody will break up with you because you hurt them. What you do after you hurt them is much more important.

You can't act like an asshole after hurting your partner, right?

7. Hurting is mostly about disappointing that person, but then you can't possibly live up to every single expectation.

We are begging you: please be realistic. There are many expectations: material, moral, emotional, etc. You can't do every single one of them right.

8. Some people use this sentence about not hurting, and actually mean not leaving, which is also pretty wrong.

You can simply say 'I will never leave you,' which we also don't recommend. Why is it that you love making promises that you can't keep?

9. Nobody wants to hurt their loved ones, but it is very unnecessary to make such a promise just to look good.

Why aren't you worried about being a liar and a person who doesn't keep their promises?

10. You have dozens of other things that you should promise. Why 'not hurting?'

Why promise about a negative thing while you have 'trust, loyalty, understanding, thoughtfulness, and love'? Watch your emotional state, it looks kinda messed up from here.

Bonus - You will hurt your partner. Don't make empty promises.

Onedio tells the sad truths. You are welcome.