10 More Best Albums of 2022

> 10 More Best Albums of 2022

For those in desperate need of new music every day, look no further than the ever-growing list here on Onedio! Including these two lists, we're up to 24 top-notch records from 2022 that are all must-listens for new music lovers. Here are ten more that should brighten your day (whether revisiting or hearing for the first time)!

10. The Weeknd - 'Dawn FM'

With its retro radio-inspired format and a keen sense of cohesion, Dawn FM is perhaps Abel Tesfaye's strongest record to date.

9. FKA twigs - 'CAPRISONGS'

This is a bit of an old one now, but Tahliah Barnett's great mixtape of pop-influenced modern R&B tracks just gets better with repeated listens.

8. Binker and Moses - 'Feeding the Machine'

A brilliant modern jazz collaboration between saxophonist Binker Golding and drummer Moses Boyd that uses live loops and electronics for an excellent foray away from a traditional sonic pallette.

7. Calexico - 'El Mirador'

One of their most Latin-sounding albums to date, Calexico's El Mirador takes the route of simultaneous reverence and creativity from their influences.

6. Let's Eat Grandma - 'Two Ribbons'

This pop-inflected indie record shows the dreamy English duo at their best and most accessible pop songwriting. For those who liked them a little weird, there's still enough left-of-center choices here to leave them out of the mainstream!

5. Rammstein - 'Zeit'

The German industrial rockers quickly turn in another album after three years since their untitled tenth album (the weight is usually much longer). The results are some of the most emotionally resonant music ever!

4. Spiritualized - 'Everything Was Beautiful'

J. Spaceman's spaced-out space-rock hits a late-era peak with the same type of material that has kept fans returning since the 90s.

3. Florence + The Machine - 'Dance Fever'

Visceral, gripping, and honest lyrics pair with lush danceable tracks in a jam-packed Florence record that is easy to love.

2. The Smile - 'A Light for Attracting Attention'

The Smile shows Radiohead creators Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood not just biding time between releases; instead, they use this side project to try out new sides of themselves that they usually have to hold back in their main gig.

1. Kevin Morby - 'This Is A Photograph'

Kevin Morby's Bob Dylan-evoking music has never been this instantly, cohesively, and musically engaging! This new record is his best and damn close to perfection.

Happy listening! All records can be found on Spotify and other major streaming services.