10 Different Types Of Burger Lovers

10 Different Types Of Burger Lovers

Ken Adams
February 19 2016 - 11:49am Last Update: May 10 2016 - 02:14pm

Do you, too get that craving for junk food at times? Sure you do! That craving for a juicy burger with fresh fries and a cold coke. Mmmm, heaven! We all have our own way of doing this, though! Take a look to this list and tell us how you eat your burger!

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1. Holding the burger like their lover

Once that burger is picked up from the plate, it never goes back down. During the meal, you need to feed these people some chips, like little birds. 


2. Sauce, more sauce, even more sauce!

2. Sauce, more sauce, even more sauce!

They always crave different sauces every time. They are adventurous, and constantly ask you to try that one, and this, and the other one, etc. Prepare your…mouth for showers of…sauces!

3. The splitters who cut the burger in half and act oh, so polite

3. The splitters who cut the burger in half and act oh, so polite

The possibility of dislocating their jaw is a lot smaller with these people. These delicate flowers are always the last to finish their burgers, too.

4. You’re letting all the stuff fall out!

Anyone recall that episode of Friends where Joey gets mad at Rachel for not properly eating her sandwich? Here, we have the same scenario again. These people have two different types: either they keep whining about the things falling down or eat the stuff from the plate.

5. Fries before burgers

They gobble up all the fries before they get cold, and then they start their burger. They take a sip from their drinks somewhere in between all these bites.

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6. Risk-free type, keeping all the stuff in

6. Risk-free type, keeping all the stuff in

They use the burger pick to make sure all the ingredients stay put, and carefully eat the whole thing.

7. Stock up on napkins!

Even when they are with friends or with their partner, these polite ones put some napkins on the side of their plate and even some more in their hand before starting. They are always protected against any spills.

8. Calculating each and every bite!

They take the burger and carefully inspect it first, then they find a way in. After a careful bite, they find another weak spot, and take another bite. They keep their relentless assault on the burger until it fully fades away.

9. No time to talk, eat the burger!

They only get a drink and nothing else. They listen to the conversation but their mind is more focused on the burger. Don’t mess with them, let them eat it fast and in peace.

10. Tiny bits of arrangements

These guys are strategists, too. They eat their chips and burger so carefully that their last bite and last sip from the drink align perfectly!

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