10 Celebrities That Were Discovered Through YouTube!


Fame may come from various platforms. Most of the celebrities had to be discovered before they came to the place they are today. In this list, you will be surprised to find out 10 celebrities who were discovered on YouTube... The power of internet is real.

Source: http://www.j-14.com/

1. Alessia Cara


Alessia Cara who dropped like a bomb on the lists with her song "Here", used to upload the acoustic covers she makes on Youtube, where she was discovered.

2. 5 Seconds of Summer


Before the group became friends with One Direction, and was discovered, they also uploaded covers to Youtube.

Since their fan base kept getting bigger, it wasn't too long until they were discovered.

3. Carly Rae Jepsen


After Carly's song "Call Me Maybe" was debuted, it became so popular that Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and their friends recorded a video with this song and uploaded it on YouTube.

After the video got so popular Justin's producer Scooter Braun signed Carly.

4. Darren Criss


Before Glee, Criss was discovered on Youtube with his Harry Potter sketch.

5. Katy Perry


Perry is one of the most famous singers right now, but she actually reached fame with her video of Ur So Gay in 2008.

Perry had to try hard to be famous before this song.

6. Dylan O'Brien


Before O'Brien became the favorite of young fans with his role in Teen Wolf, he used to make funny videos on YouTube.

7. Austin Mahone


Before he was discovered, Mahone also used to upload song covers recorded in his bedroom to Youtube.

8. Justin Bieber


Bieber who was discovered by Usher and Scooter Braun, also reached fame through YouTube.

Bieber's cover of Chris Brown's With You was the song that let his star shine.

9. Rebecca Black


As we all know, Rebecca got popular with her song "Friday" on Youtube. There is no such thing as bad advertising.

10. Cody Simpson


Before Simpson became friends with Justin Bieber, he used to share Justin's covers on Youtube!

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