Your Dream Politician Mayor Of Pelotas Eduardo Leite In 23 Photos


While the whole world keeps talking about the new Liberal Canadian leader Justin Trudeau, we couldn’t let Brazil’s Pelotas Mayor since 2013, Eduardo Leite go unnoticed. Going up against the liberal sexy Trudeau; social democrat, father, sexy, thoughtful, animal lover Eduardo deserves much attention indeed.

Dealing with politics since college and born in 1985, Eduardo is fully responsible both for his family and city. Isn’t he the ideal man you’ve always wanted?


1. Here’s Eduardo Leite

2. Taking a selfie with his assistants

3. With his wife

4. His kids

5. True fan of soccer. Duh, Brazilian!

6. At a council meeting

7. Workaholic

8. Never neglects his friends

9. Loves music, too!

10. A caring Mayor.

11. A good husband.

12. A successful Mayor.

13. A good father.

14. Artsy, fartsy!

15. Great with kids

16. Animals, too!

17. Likes having guests over.

18. Never stops, never gets tired.

19. Very kind and gentle.

20. Respectful.

21. Knows when and how to listen.

22. Has time for everything and every ne.

23. In short, he is ideal and sexy!

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