World's Most Peaceful Village: Giethoorn

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Most of us are full of anxiety and depression due to the stress and pollution of the big cities... We are feeling the absence of nature and peace, every day... We only want some tranquility. It may seem impossible, but it's not. Let me introduce you the most peaceful village in the world. You can at least feel relieved looking at its pictures, and someday you may even want to visit!

Giethoorn is a beautiful village in Overijssel, Holland.

It has cute small canals and pretty houses.

After Dutch producer Bert Haanstra's famous comedy movie Fanfare, Giethoorn attracted the world's attention.

Giethoorn is also known as 'The Venice Of The North' but it's not overcrowded by tourists...

It's still a popular destination for Chinese tourists. Giethoorn is visited by 150-200 thousand Chinese tourists every year.

Giethoorn's actual population is only 2,620 people!

It's a very small town apart from the tourists...

The name 'Giethoorn' goes far back to the 10th century.

Giethoorn means 'goat horns.'

The town didn't have any roads and all the transportation was made through canals. Now they have one bicycle road, and that's it. 🚲 😇

Because there are no roads, there is no noise or air pollution...

What you hear is the nature's voice... The birds singing and the wind blowing... 🎄🌳🌲

Giethoorn is in the center of Overjissel's canals which add up to 56 miles in total!

There are 180 bridges over the canals...

The tourists love renting small boats and travelling in this tranquillity...

There are also local restaurants and shops around the canals.

Like these are not enough, Giethoorn turns into a wonderland during the winter...


If this is not the most peaceful place on earth we don't know where is... ❤️
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